Weekend Fun, No Money--Mo Prablems, And No-Name....

*We had a great weekend! Zach had to work, but got off "early" both days so we actually got to see him and spend time together! YAY!!
*Most importantly, he vacuumed for me. Thus, my love for him has grown.
*Yesterday Zach texted me "Happy 11 years together!!" Only he would remember the date that we became 'official'! Man he has a freaky memory.
*We celebrated by having a big family nap....mmmm this preggo loves her a nap (normally I HATE naps).
*We are officially poor.
*Okay, so maybe poor is an extreme word... Okay, I know it is too extreme of a word.
*Some days it depresses me and other days I see it as a challenge to make the most of what we have. 
*I'm praying that the whole feeling-it's-a-fun-challenge-thing becomes my feeling about it all the time.
*We're blessed with fabulous people in our lives. Dear friends sent us a gift card for groceries with a verse attached randomly in the mail, SUCH a huge help! So thankful for them and the blessing they are in our lives (this is not the first time they've done something like this for us)! Not to mention Zach's mom randomly blessing us yesterday too (she does this all. the. time. too---love her!)...
*Makes me feel foolish for ever doubting that God will provide for us. Yup, foolish.
*I always cut Zach's hair for him. He decided that Saturday was haircut day.... did I mention that I'm 38 weeks pregnant? My belly miiiight have gotten in the way... a lot. Good times.
*The other day in the car Aubrey asked me when the baby was coming and I told her that only God knew. It was silent for a while and then suddenly I heard her whisper, "um God? when is this baby coming?". hahaha LOVE this kid!
*I started making this faux chenille blanket for the baby from a tutorial on Made and it's the most non-instant-gratificational project I've ever worked on. Just row after row of plain stitches. I really love the look of the finished project so today is the day I'm going to make a huge dent in this project. Assuming my 90 year old back cooperates.
*Zach and I are still working on baby names.... seriously, why is this so hard?!? Grrrrrr 
*Oh No-Name Klaassen, please don't show up until we have a name for you....
*We have a dinner with Zach's work this Friday and I officially have nothing to wear. Awesome. My belly is so ginormous, it's outgrown the few fancy-ish maternity things I own. Fabulous. 
*The good thing is we have someone to watch Aubrey that night and I'm so excited to go out with grown ups(most importantly, Zach!), get dolled up and take this belly for a spin! Maybe not so much "dolled up" though, I might just be the one in a classy pair of sweatpants....

*Oh!! and my chalkboard was featured on I Heart Nap Time too!!! YAY!! Check me out!
I Heart Nap Time


And Now, From Left Field....

*I'm officially 37 weeks and 2 days along.
*Zach and I only really started discussing names for this baby for the first time last night.
*Pretty sure this kid is going to rock "Baby Boy/Girl Klaassen" on it's birth certificate if we can't get our acts together.
*Naming a baby is a big deal/daunting task. They have this name for the rest of their lives... unless they're Phoebe from Friends and change it to Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock.
*Am I the only one who feels like they've conquered the world when they fit every last dish from dinner into the rubix cube they call a dishwasher?!?
*Pretty sure Zach looked at me funny last night when I hollered out "I AM VICTORIOUS!!" when I was done (true story).
*Zach is smart.
*Like really smart.
*Like, how did I end up with someone so scholarly when I HATED school, smart.
*We just got a copy of the Medical textbook that he wrote a chapter in (on Urology). No joke, a freaking chapter in a textbook.
*I had a project featured on a blog the other day.... does that put me on par with his brilliance?!? 
*Let's all pretend the answer to that question is a resounding "yes"...
*Aubrey is disturbingly in love with my belly. Even trying to get her friends to kiss and cuddle it. *awkward*
*She's SO excited for this baby and shouts it from the rooftops every time someone points out my belly...which now is all. the. time. 
*I think I might be the last person these days who doesn't know the gender of their baby before they give birth... or so everyone tells me with a bewildered look on their face, followed by the comment "how do you buy for the baby?!?" 
*It's called gender neutral colors people and a baby only really needs diapers and a sleeper. Not their ENTIRE wardrobe until they are 3 years of age.
*Zach's going to present again at the National Urological conference in Atlanta in May (see SMART)
*I was looking at the hotels that were sponsored by the conference and the hospital is going to get for him.... I'm. So. There. 
*All of the hours that Zach puts in paper writing and researching (which are A LOT) pay off eventually 
*At least that's what I tell myself when he's holed up in his office on a writing rampage....


A Little Sheep Obsession... And Being Featured

So as of Friday and a little wander around the World Wide Web, I fell in love with sheep.
Seriously, I saw a birthday party on Half Baked, The Cake Blog and then a link to make the sheep pillow at Purl Bee Blog and I was hooked! 

And you know I was in love because I went right up to my sewing room and started to make all the things swirling around in my brain. 
Motivation is not my strong suit when 37 weeks pregnant.
It was a bonus that I happened to have all the supplies on hand already!

True to Jen fashion, I totally wung the sheep pillow and freehand drew a pattern, partially because that's how I roll and also because our printer is not working so I couldn't print the free pattern.

The sheep in the frame was just a random what-not I came up with and ended up falling in love with. 

Just a garage sale frame, some rick-rack and felt and you got yourself some art.

Too cute right?!? It's going above the baby's crib and the pillow is for the crib too.

Just look at the little lamb!

Of course Zach has now taken to randomly throwing the lamb at be an baaing super loud, but I saw that coming before it even happened.... 
Seriously, I was sewing the lamb together and was thinking of all the random ways Zach was going to be obnoxious with it. 
I guess I've learned a thing or two about my man in the 11 years we've been together :)
Like I've said before, those are the moments I love him the most.
We're a little sad like that.

To be honest, I'm not sure the sheep/lamb is going to ever make it into the baby's crib, between Zach's randomness and Aubrey's new found love for it, I think is destine to be in the living room.
Oh well.

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In other news....
my ugly tray to chalkboard project was featured over at Southern Lovely!!
Yay for being featured :) 
You can check me out here !


Getting Ready For Baby....

I've been wanting to make something for over the crib, but had no idea what to make since we have no clue what gender of the baby is.
This also means I can't do something with the baby's name on it.
Somehow this all felt very limiting.

The crib is going to be in our room and to say my room is a decorating challenge is an understatement. 
There is a hideous border and it's a pale yellow...not a pretty yellow. Well maybe the yellow would be pretty if it weren't for the horrible border.

So, as any good decorator would do, I'm completely ignoring the border colors and just decorating around my duvet cover :)
I'm awesome like that.

Once I decided that, I felt oh so free.
And today, I made this... while Aubrey napped.

yup, napped (she's almost 4). 
This is what our lives have come to in order for her to see Zach at all anymore. 
We have to nap her so she can stay up later, so that she can hopefully see Zach at night. 
It's a good thing she's not in school or they'd never see each other. 

I'm apparently into mini bunting, but I'm not ashamed.
I will shout that from the rooftops. 

The felt flower thing is something I won on a blog giveaway a while ago and I didn't know what to do with. It's from Blossom & Vine and she has the cutest shop :)

I forgot how productive you could be while your child is sleeping.... 
might have to put her down for a nap more often, buuuuut it might not always be worth the fight that happened beforehand....

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Revamping Things....

Remember these ugly trays?!...

Well I finally finished them and here's the one that worked out....

I used chalkboard spray paint and then covered the inside with newspaper and sprayed the outer frame with a pretty blue color!
But when I pulled off the paper, it still felt like something was missing so it sat for awhile as I tried to come up with something to spruce it up.
Enter some mini bunting...

and I'm in love!

I just glue gunned the whole thing together, so it was super easy and quick to make.

I've been saving these buttons for a while, waiting for the right project to show them off and I think this is perfect!

How cute is that little flag?!?
I have the chalkboard up in my kitchen and I'm loving it as a place to write out encouraging verses that I need to see all the time...
because let's face it, as mom's we need all the encouragement that we can get :)

***Update: This chalkboard was featured on these two blogs!!! Yay!!***

I Heart Nap Time

And remember how there were 2 trays....

one was a giant craft FAIL. Seriously.
I used a different kind of spray paint on this one and obviously it didn't take to the chalkboard paint. Oh well, I have one and when I have the urge, I'm sure I'll sand this one down and do something with it.

And it being Valentine's Day and all, I figured I'd brag on Zach a bit and show you what Aubrey and I got. The stuff above was for Aubrey and you should have heard her squeal when she saw it waiting for her this morning! It's just a shame Zach didn't get to see her reaction.

And these are my fabulous flowers....

So pink and purple and wonderful! Well done husband, well done.
Now all I'm hoping for is to actually see him tonight... pretty sure that won't happen with the rotation he's on, but a girl can dream right?!

I Heart Nap Time
The DIY Dreamer


Weekend Getaway.....

 This weekend was our little getaway to the Ritz and to be honest, we had decided last minute that Aubrey and I wouldn't go. From the looks of the website and what people said, we figured it would be too much money for us to tag along(even with the free accommodations) and maybe not that kid friendly.
So we didn't go on Friday night with Zach, but on Saturday early morning Zach called and said we should come up anyway. 
He missed us (awwwww) and he had the afternoon free (conference ended at noon that day) so we should just drive the hour and a bit and stay the night.
We did and I'm SO glad!

Aubrey was so excited to have that extra time with Zach, she couldn't stop chattering my ear off about it in the car on the way up :) 
It was so beautiful there and would you believe that it was actually cold?!?

The hotel is on Lake Oconee and the surroundings were gorgeous.

The view from the hotel from down by the lake...

Where Zach did his 5 presentations....yup, you heard right, FIVE presentations. Overachieve much?!?

Our room....

Our view!!...

I've officially never stayed in a room with a bathroom this big!


36 weeks :)

Yay for robes!

Am I the only one who love/hates these mirrors?!

So scary, yet soooo good!

And SHAZAAM again...

Really lovin' the robes!
(and Aubrey peeking in the background)
It was a great night away and I am really hoping that this conference is at this hotel again next year!!