I'm back, Jack.

(side note, I'm freaking excited for the new Duck Dynasty tonight!!!)
Moving on...

So, we're just not going to mention the fact that my last post was in November ok? Let's all just shake our heads at the absurdity of it and move on.
Apparently I need to be called out publicly on Facebook to get my act in gear enough to post. Now all three of you who read this know the secret to getting me to post. You're welcome.
Because it has been so stinkin' long since I posted I figure that I'd start back with a bunch of pictures of the kids. Always a nice segue if you ask me. Segue to what, I'm not sure. I keep thinking I'm going to get back into blogging properly, but I'm lazy. Yup. Too lazy, well maybe I'm tired. I'm going with tired, too tired to blog. ...that just sounds like another word for lazy. Forget it.
And on that note, I now will commence the schamozzle of unedited pictures that happen to be on my desktop. Man I put a lot of thought and effort into this. 

All these pictures tell me a few things:
1. Caleb is trouble. Cute, squishable, happy as I've ever seen any kid, trouble.
2. My kids love each other. A lot.
3. We have fabulous friends here in Georgia
4. Aubrey LOVED her first time skating
5. She is SO the daughter of a doctor
6. Aubrey is freakishly good at drawing kidneys

the end