Ode to Marcy

Well, apparently Marcy was a little miffed that I didn't write about her in my latest blog entry. So here's to you Marcy, it's all about you... I've been staying at my parents house with Marcy for the last two weeks (my parents are in Paraguay for two months) and we have been having a blast. Well, maybe I should say, she has been having most of the "blast". I've been cooking and cleaning for her and doing her laundry. It's like I'm still in grenada taking care of someone, but with colder weather. We have also been addicted to Dr. Mario on Nintendo and have been playing it every free moment we have (which ends up being at midnight most nights!). Marcy, you have made this time away from Zach a whole lot easier, so thank you! I'll miss our late night "gaming" and our numerous trips to Starbucks, not to mention sharing a double bed with you at night----Ohhhhhhhhh really!


Four days left in the land of milk and honey!

Yes, I know that it has been a while since I've last posted, but I've been really busy here in Canada. For those of you who don't know, I stayed on in Canada while Zach got the lovely treat of going back to Grenada alone. As you can imagine he was pretty excited to be going back alone, but I'm sure he forgot about me as soon as he got back to school (until he had to make dinner for himself that is!!). Things back home have been great. I got to relax after the Christmas rush, see some people I never would have had time to see in the two and a half week break we were supposed to have, and hit up Starbucks every single day (I'm not going to lie, sometimes twice a day!!! What else are student loans for?!). The snow has been the greatest blessing (for me anyways), I love snow-love it! Zach was so jealous that I got to see snow and he missed it all completely. And I love the cold, that is the best part. When you come from a place that is 35C plus every day, you welcome a bit of cold. Anyway, I have only four more days here and then it is off to sweating my @$$ off again! The best part is going to be able to see Zach again, three weeks apart is a tough one, and we get to do it all over again in June, yay! Well, the next time I'll post I'll be back in Grenada, what a scary thought!


Friesen-Dyck Wedding (that's right, Friesen-Dyck!!!)

Our good friends Dennis and Anna got married on December 29th and Zach and I decided that, aside from our own wedding, it was one of the best that we had ever attended. The wedding was beautiful (as you can see from the pictures above, don't you just love the dress?!) and Zach and I had a really great time. The ceremony was held at the King Road M.B. Church and the reception (dinner and dancing) was at the Ramada Inn in Abbotsford. Now if any of you know Dennis, you know that it was really wierd to be at HIS wedding, the guy does not really enjoy attending weddings. But to see him at his own, you would never have known it. He (and Anna) had a grin from ear to ear the whole time and at the end of the night he couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had! Anna was a gorgeous, calm bride and from what I could tell, and from the stories Zach told (he was a groomsmen), she wasn't Bridezilla at all! Way to go Anna!!!! (I had had at least one Bridezilla moment at my wedding, sorry again Marcy!) All in all it was a great wedding and we had a blast dancing the night away with the new Mr. and Mrs. Dyck. Congratulations again guys!