Wow, kinda sounds like I'm talking about where I live....I'm kidding. Although, there are times when I look outside and I wonder... But that is another post for another time!
I've been a busy little sewing bee these past few weeks. I guess
I've been feeling the spurs of Marcy and Anna coming to visit(didn't I mention them coming? If not , they are and I am beyond pumped!!!) and I didn't want fifty unfinished projects sitting around. I figured that a respectible forty five would be better, less shameful... in my head anyway. So here is what I've been up to. They are all out of order and wonky, but instead of moving them I choose to not, why you ask? Simple, I'm lazy....and this computer decided to delete a picture instead of move it when I tried and all my pictures are on Zach's computer...that is with him at work and not here... and I can't load up that picture again and I'm annoyed... That's why.
So this is the pillow that I've been working on for Aubrey...for almost two weeks! I kept sewing things on and taking them off or moving them, it was not pretty! So I settled for this, her name on bunting. I think that it turned out super cute(even if my hand stiched letters are a bit wonky.) There is a flower on the other side that you will see sometime later in this post... not sure where, like I said, wonky.

Just a random button picture, they are a bit of an obsession in this house, I want to put them on everything and Aubrey could sit and play with them all day!

This is a plastic bag holder thingy that I whipped up randomly

Crap picture, but there was bad lighting. I love it though (not the picture, the bag)!

These are two little pillows that I got at a garage sale for a buck each and recovered to match Aubrey's big pillow.

This is a close up of the other side of Aubrey's big pillow(see, buttons! I love them!) It's a flower:)

Here it is big, the flower side that is. I'm pretty happy with this side, a favorite I think:)

Aubrey was wso excited to have a pillow made just for her!

Drawing random circles and placing buttons on them.... sometimes I think that being inside her head must be pretty fun:)
More button fun(in her favorite Dora PJ's)!
The "butt load" of fabric I got for $7 at an estate sale!
Fabric bracelets! I got the idea from "sew fantastic" blog...link on the right hand side --->
So that's what I've been up to:)


Too much love for the fabric.

So, I have a crap load of fabric, new and thrifted, (well a crap load for me, my stash is not that crazy) and ideas to make things, but can not bring myself to make something. I can not for the life of me, get myself to CUT the fabric that I love so much! I don't want to screw it up. I feel like I buy the fabric because I love it, it's art, and it's so hard to use scissors on it. I spend money on something and I want to know that I'm gonna make something wonderful with it. I love sewing and I love to see what I can create, but it just takes so much for me to get there! Am I the only one who has this problem?!? I told Zach that if I could just buy and buy and buy fabric and just look at it and touch it, I'd be a happy women. Ergo(who says ergo??), I've figured out that I need to have a cute fabric store one day. Wouldn't that be perfect?!? I sure think so:) Zach was so kind to remind me of my other dream, to own a candy shop(back from the days when I used to be chunky and all I could think about was junk food) and I assured him that this fabric store would have a candy corner! Not sure he's with me on that one....
Wow, that was a rambly post, sorry. I guess I had to get that one off my chest.


Laundry, Dishes and Fabric~~Oh My!

So I spent all weekend trying my very best not to look at the
five heaping baskets of laundry that needed to be folded.
Make that four, as well as a giant heaping pile of laundry on my bed.
Why you ask? Simple. We only have four baskets. That's why.
The only reason the laundry was clean in the first place,
was because Zach did it....he was not feeling as
procrastinationly inclined as I was.
We have a deal, he washes it(and walks up and down the three flights of stairs
to get to the basement the laundry is...minor detail...)
and I fold. It's a great deal really, how many husbands would
do laundry every week?? I know, he's a keeper:)
But I am happy to report that it all got done.... in the eleventh
hour...literally, I'm pretty sure I was folding at eleven on Sunday night!
Better late than never right??
What is it about laundry folding(not to mention the
putting away part, don't get me started on the putting away part)
that makes me want to scream? It takes less than an
hour, and I can watch a movie or a show while doing it.
Should be simple. But for me, it's not.
I'm not even going to start discussing the pile of dishes that needed washing...
lets just say it was bad, really bad, as in the-cupboards-are-empty kinda bad.
Just shameful.
One day a dishwasher will be there to do the dreaded work...one day....
Ahhh, dreams are cheap.
On to more exciting (and less depressing on my part) stuff.
I went garage saling on Saturday morning and I hit the
vintage(some of it just old and not great) fabric jackpot!
I was at a tag sale and the lady, the one running the sale, was so
impressed that I was into sewing at my age(I think she might have thought
that I was fifteen, the curse of looking like a kid.... but hey works for me if it scores me a great deal!). Whatever the reason, she decided that I should have three grocery bags full
(I'm talking stuffed and really heavy) of fabric for $7!
And she kept throwing stuff at me for free, thread, quilt book...etc.
My head is bursting with possible projects.....
Now I just have to get to that last laundry basket, the one full of the fabric I bought,
the one that I literally hid from my sight last night so I would not have to deal
with it and all it's tangled fabric mess....
Wish me luck...


The Love's of My Life

I was just thinkin' about the term
"absence makes the heart grow fonder"
and it has just been proven more true than ever these past few days.

Zach was off to a medical conference in Michigan
from monday to wednesday, so I decided
to head out with Aubrey to a friend's
place in Connecticut for that time.
We both had a great time,
but realized how much we missed each other.
Usually we are good with time apart,
used to it from our 'Grenada days' when
I would stay back in Canada for a
few extra weeks or head home early
for a wedding or something.

But since having Aubrey and being married longer,
we are both noticing a shift.
Not wanting to spend tons of weeks apart,
and missing each other more when we do.

Funny, how a little girl like this can help make
that switch for you.....
even when she is diving head first
into her "terrible twos"....

I mean, just look at them....
How could you not miss them?!?