Weekend Fun, No Money--Mo Prablems, And No-Name....

*We had a great weekend! Zach had to work, but got off "early" both days so we actually got to see him and spend time together! YAY!!
*Most importantly, he vacuumed for me. Thus, my love for him has grown.
*Yesterday Zach texted me "Happy 11 years together!!" Only he would remember the date that we became 'official'! Man he has a freaky memory.
*We celebrated by having a big family nap....mmmm this preggo loves her a nap (normally I HATE naps).
*We are officially poor.
*Okay, so maybe poor is an extreme word... Okay, I know it is too extreme of a word.
*Some days it depresses me and other days I see it as a challenge to make the most of what we have. 
*I'm praying that the whole feeling-it's-a-fun-challenge-thing becomes my feeling about it all the time.
*We're blessed with fabulous people in our lives. Dear friends sent us a gift card for groceries with a verse attached randomly in the mail, SUCH a huge help! So thankful for them and the blessing they are in our lives (this is not the first time they've done something like this for us)! Not to mention Zach's mom randomly blessing us yesterday too (she does this all. the. time. too---love her!)...
*Makes me feel foolish for ever doubting that God will provide for us. Yup, foolish.
*I always cut Zach's hair for him. He decided that Saturday was haircut day.... did I mention that I'm 38 weeks pregnant? My belly miiiight have gotten in the way... a lot. Good times.
*The other day in the car Aubrey asked me when the baby was coming and I told her that only God knew. It was silent for a while and then suddenly I heard her whisper, "um God? when is this baby coming?". hahaha LOVE this kid!
*I started making this faux chenille blanket for the baby from a tutorial on Made and it's the most non-instant-gratificational project I've ever worked on. Just row after row of plain stitches. I really love the look of the finished project so today is the day I'm going to make a huge dent in this project. Assuming my 90 year old back cooperates.
*Zach and I are still working on baby names.... seriously, why is this so hard?!? Grrrrrr 
*Oh No-Name Klaassen, please don't show up until we have a name for you....
*We have a dinner with Zach's work this Friday and I officially have nothing to wear. Awesome. My belly is so ginormous, it's outgrown the few fancy-ish maternity things I own. Fabulous. 
*The good thing is we have someone to watch Aubrey that night and I'm so excited to go out with grown ups(most importantly, Zach!), get dolled up and take this belly for a spin! Maybe not so much "dolled up" though, I might just be the one in a classy pair of sweatpants....

*Oh!! and my chalkboard was featured on I Heart Nap Time too!!! YAY!! Check me out!
I Heart Nap Time


Amy said...

First, i love that you are rockin a HUGE baby belly.... Awesomeness. And i am glad you will get to go out with zach friday might and enjoy each others
company... Who cares if you have nothing to wear wrap a sheet around your body and call it a day.... Am sure no one will even notice, being that you have that radiating healthy pregancy glow...
I love that aubrey asked jesus that.... How sweet is she.

god is so good. He is so mighty and there is nothing my God can not do! He will continue to provide for your family because you are faithfull!

Sean and Kristin said...

Yay for time with Zach! Love the God comment from Aubrey hahaha!! Naming a baby is definitely an enormous and important (to say the least) task, I remember thinking about that when I was pregnant. Let's hope she/he doesn't change his/her name like Pheobe and Mike! (I can't remember what he changed his to?) Is it me or is Veto starting to sound good??

Astrid said...

Oh Jennifife-- everything is always far more stressful when you are near birth;). Hope you can get something together in time for friday night. Have a blast, and treat it like your last hurrah! The baby name will come....it always does. Jacob always wanted me to use the name 'Julie', but you are welcome to it!