Time just got away from me...

So here is another huge picture post. It is so hard to remember to blog it's crazy! I feel like I do nothing all day, yet the days seem to fly by and I get stuff done, but only the basics. Aubrey is growing like a weed and starting to do so many cute things. It's so weird that she can move the turtle on her bouncy chair and Zach and I will smile and talk about it for hours. Without even trying we have become those parents who find every little thing that our child does cute, from spit bubbles to cooing and everything in between. Strange how one little (well not so little, she is a bit of a chunk:)) girl can change you so much, and she doesn't even try. And don;t get me started on the whole unconditional love thing, it's just crazy!
Anyway, things here are going great. It's weird how Zach and I have learned to adapt to the new places that we live so quickly. I guess it does help that our neighbors here are Jamaican and love to play reggae music all the time, feels like we never even left the Caribbean! New Jersey is a beautiful state and we love it more and more all the time. We've gotten to see more of it in the past few weeks by just driving around and checking things out. Every little town/township around here is so unique and you can just drive from one to the other, hitting around three or four in a ten minute span. Gotta love it. We can't wait to show it all off to family and friends when they come to visit. Dennis and Anna are coming out for a week in September and Zach's parents are coming at the end of September for just under two weeks. Not to mention the people that are looking into coming before Christmas! I'm going to make the trip out to Abbotsford with Aubrey for two and a half weeks at the end of this month and I'm both excited and scared for the trip. I haven't flown alone with Aubrey yet so this will be the first time and I'm a little nervous about it all, but a direct flight and always being able to nurse to calm Aubrey down will be in my favor! Not that she needs a lot of calming, she's an easygoing little girl. But i was thinking, how does one go pee when there isn't anyone to hold her during the flight.... guess I'll jsut have to hold it for six hours....
Zach's hospital rotations are going great. He is crazy busy, but he's been able to see a lot of great surgeries so he's happy about that. It's just tough to try and balance family time and work time, but he's doing a great job of it. We get to see him way more then I did in Grenada and he's helpful around the house... and he makes dinner occasionally!! What more could a girl ask for?? Now if only he could find time to sleep...

She can move her mirror on purpose now, not just by flailing her arms around randomly!

Playing doctor with daddy.

10 weeks old here and pudging out like crazy!!

Hanging out in her Boppy pillow.

You can't see it that great but she is drooling up a storm in this one.

Still my little thumb sucker.

She was trying to get her mirror and moved herself all over, and eventually almost off, her mat with her crazy kicking.

Watching TV and can't tare her eyes away from baseball!

Loving looking at herself in the mirror!

Standing alone already! Don't worry, my hand was right there:)

She loves to sleep with blankets in her face.

Zach was going to sleep after a 31 hour on call shift at the hospital and wanted to have Aubrey in bed with him for a bit... not her idea of a good time! Ahhh the mocking parents:)

I love this shot, "what you looking at??". She looks kinda crazy here!


What my friend Lisa calls "the motorcycle pose"! It's how Aubrey likes to be burped and she falls asleep like this often, like she did here.

Also asleep in my arms... too sweet! Don't you just want to squish her?!?


For the Grand/O-ma's...

I know you're dying for updates... sorry that I've been lagging behind.