One week already!

So I fully intended on updating the blog the day of, or after, Zach was done his test... well it's obvious that never happened:) Time has flown by and I can't believe that Zach has been book free for a week(well, school books that is... can't get the guy to quit cold turkey! He's got to have some form of reading in his life and novels it is!)?! It barely felt like it with all the Easter buzz and family events, but it's been great. Zach said that the test felt like it went good, so I guess that is all we could have hoped for. Nothing worse then walking out of and exam and feeling like you just bombed, that'll put a damper on your day... believe me I know, that was my entire test taking career(that's why I cut it short and stopped after high school!). So thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, they were much appreciated! Now we just have to wait for the results, and who knows how long that will take... our lives are made up of a bunch of patience exercises, gets kinda old after a while.
In belly news-I'm feeling great, still tired, but that's the norm. We had a midwife appointment today and she said everything is looking good. I'm measuring about a half a week ahead, but I'm told that really means nothing in the whole scheme of things. But it would be nice if the baby came a little early, not because I want it out, but for time-line/moving reasons. And I hear that babies always come when it is most convenient for the parents, so I'm sure Pat Ashley Kelly will get right on that request!
Also, we found out preliminary start dates for Zach's clinical rotations and it's looking like he'll be starting at the end of May. So we are looking at a mid-May move(thus the whole us wanting the baby to come early). So we have about two months to have a baby, plan a move, find a place to move into, make said move, and see family and friends as much as we can in the meantime. Not to mention trying to fit in a little time for ourselves before the little one is born... should be interesting(and hectic) to say the least!


When the studying has finished...

So Zach has his big USMLE board exam tomorrow and he is officially done studying for it! It's the most surreal feeling to have him around right now, I think that we're going to have to relearn how to hang out and talk to each other (not just me nattering his ear off while he's trying to get things done!)! And I'm pretty sure I'll be in heaven when I go out with friends/family and he'll actually be right there beside me so I'm not having to answer(for the eight millionth) time that he is, indeed, studying...again...still:) Well, we are not completely out of the woods yet... he still has to write the exam. It's kinda a big deal... it being eight hours long and determining his future... minor details! Well, If you read this before tomorrow 12pm or even after, think of Zach (and me, his anxious wife)!

36 weeks


Nothing too new 'round here...

So it really has been a while since I last posted, but to be fair, my life has been one great big remake of "Ground Hog Day". Same thing happens over and over(and over and over) again. Every day I wake up to find Zach at his desk studying, every day I try and think of something new to do(usually quite unsuccessfully) and every day I go to bed while Zach is still sitting at his desk, wait for it... studying. So that tends not to lend itself to an exciting blog post. The biggest thing that happened in my life(other then the child growing inside of me:)) is the fact that I've been able to witness spring for the first time since 2005, three years! Now to most of you this would not be a big deal, but for Zach and I, seeing flowers coming into bloom and having rainy weather is kinda exciting. We had two years of summer straight(with one mini winter, albeit a BC one, in between) and it was getting quite old.
As for things pregnancy wise, I'm feeling great. I'm going to be 36 weeks on Wednesday and Zach and I can't believe how fast it has been going. I'll post a picture of my ever-expanding stomach once I take the 36 week shot. We're both getting really excited to meet the baby, are really curious to find out what we are having and who this baby will look like. We're pretty excited to give the baby a name finally, and not just the gender-neutral/unisex name that we've given the it in the meantime... Pat Ashley Kelly (a list of all the names that first came to mind when Anna and I were brainstorming one night)! The appointments with the midwives have been great, we're feeling really comfortable with them and are so glad that we chose to go with them.
And amidst it all, Zach has been plugging away preparing for his board exam, which he writes this Thursday. Hard to believe that 9 weeks of studying is almost over, all that prep boils down to one test-8 hours, weird. He's feeling prepared and anxious to write it(the prepared part is foreign to me, I've never felt prepared for a test in my life!) and is just tying up loose ends in his studying now and doing some memorizing that had to wait until the very end. I've been helping him out these past few days by quizzing him and I'm always blown away by how much stuff that guy can cram into his head. And not just the type of knowledge that is in there for now and is gone after the test, he retains this stuff so well and has learned it for the long term. Better him then me:)
Anyway, here are a few random shots from the past month... 

Even though this is a page out of my mom's book, I couldn't resist taking some pictures of Spring time flowers:)

My "front porch"-as Zach calls it- in action

The baby's new ride, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa(to be) Klaassen

Our first born....