And the list keeps growing...

Well, I figured that it was high-time for me to do a post on my nieces and nephews. They are all so cute and I miss them so much being here in Grenada. I included pictures of them all and added where they all fit in the whole scheme of the Kliewer family (that's right, this is just my side, Zach's hasen't started yet). The funny thing is that there are three more on the way for 2007! Like I said, the list keeps growing and there is no end in sight. I wish I could tell all about each of them, but that would just take way too long!

Taylor (the oldest). Here with her latest love, Tinkerbell.

Jordis (seventh oldest) Dressed in pink and playing with tractors, that about sums her up.

Jacob (fifth oldest) Got this bike for Christmas and won't take off the gear!

Levi (sixth oldest). Anyone see Russell Peters..."Come, cooome, coooommme?"

Ethan (third oldest) on the computer, he is far to good on it for a five year old (puts me to shame!).

Noah (second oldest) in his hockey gear, which he loves to wear even if he isn't playing hockey.

Silas (the youngest, for now...). No, that is not his middle finger:)

Liam (fourth oldest) in a Superman cape. Making everyone laugh as usual!


Will you be my Valentine?

Zach and I celebrated our second Valentine's Day in Grenada yesterday. I didn't get the usual dozen roses that I got most other years (along with yummy chocolate), but instead I got some gifts straight from New York City!! How much better could it get?! Zach got me this really cute mug from Starbucks and a necklace from H&M, which he picked out by himself (can you tell I'm proud?!). The reason that I didn't get flowers hinges mainly on a story that I must share which happened last year right around this time. A poor, innocent, unsuspecting Zach walked into a flower shop just down the road from us (which by-the-way is the only florist on the island) and asked how much the roses were. The lady behind the counter said, "30EC (it's about $13 Canadian)" and Zach said, "Oh, for six?" to which the lady replied, "No, just for one.". Zach looked at her, picked his jaw off the ground, and said, "Well, how much for the six then?", thinking, well six should be a bit of a deal. The lady told him that the six would be $180 EC, she obviously was lacking some business skills. Zach nearly lost it, he is Menno after all. He just mumbled a, "No thanks" and walked out. He came home and, after explaining why he had no flowers for me, felt like a bit of a cheap-skate. He then told me that I could use the money for shopping purposes when we got home, which I was completely in favour of! So this year he decided think ahead a bit and take matters into his own hands. This year I was the one to not buy a gift (or think ahead and get one from home), so I guess we're even:)

Me displaying the gifts I got from Zach.

There was a heart in my coffee, I thought it was pretty cool. You know, it being Valentine's Day and all...
And no, Zach didn't put it there. He's good, but not that good.


I'm baaaaaaack!

Well, it has been a while since I have updated, so a lot has happened. I'm back in Grenada and have been since the 31st of January. It was great to see Zach again and I think that he felt the same way. Or maybe it was just the fact that he had his cook back...who knows! Anyway, things are back to the same ol' here and to be honest, it feels as though I never left. What a scary thought. I walked into our apartment for the first time and I got this strange feeling like I was home, weird! I never thought that this would feel like home to me, but it is getting there (just in time to leave again for good in four months). I guess I won't really have a sense of home for a long time, another scary thought! I have no clue as to where we will be next year and it is a strange feeling. We might go to England to do some clinical rotations, or we might go straight to New York, or New Jersey, who knows. It is actually a bit of a liberating feeling to have our future so wide open, who knows where God might take us?! Weirdest of all is that I was the BIGGEST fan of staying in Abbotsford (my home town) for the rest of my life. I hated the thought of change and could not picture my life anywhere else. And here I am, thousands of miles from home and contempaleting, with my husband, (why does it still feel so weird to say that?) if we will go to the US or England, just cuz we can! Life never ceases to amaze me. Well, enough philosophical talk for now, back to life here. The best news of all is that I have not seen one cockroach since I've been here! And to think I spent all that money on buying roach traps when I was home?! We are going to set them up anyway, just in case this is some sort of grace period they are giving me. Zach is still working like a maniac, as usual. Wow, he makes it really hard to blog about him, he never does anything out of the ordinary for me to report. I burnt myself at the pool the other day, aparently you can't go out for the first time in six weeks without sunscreen (yes, I know this is bad). Well, I have to get back to another hard day of reading and TV watching!

Pictures from home

Marcy and I, not sure what got into us?!

Zach and his dad during one of their many Crokinole games (who knew people still played it).

Zach and I on Christmas Eve.

Myself, Karla and Marcy at Dennis and Anna's wedding.

One of the many snow shots I took for Zach, he was already in Grenada when the snow finally decided to fall :(

And because I couldn't fit them all on one post...

A view of St.George's from the plane as we flew out.

Zach and I in New York City in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree (Notice how happy I look? It has a lot to do with the big shopping bag from H&M and our first trip to Starbucks in months!!).

Typical Christmas Gong Show at the Kliewer's!!

The Klaassen family on Christmas Eve.

My cat Berndt and I spooning in front of the fire, our favorite place to hang out!