Photo Shoot...

So we had our first professional family photo shoot...ever
(well, since our wedding, but Aubrey was not present then...)!
Crazy right?!? I feel like a bit of a failure as a parent.
Apparently we are the only family who doesn't get pro shots done ever three months...oops.
A shoot every 2 1/2 years will have to do:)
Well, we figured that it was high-time to have it done.
And with our good friend being a wonderful...amazing...fantastic....brilliant photographer,
AND it being the most fabulous time of year, Fall
(Let's hear it for Fall!!!)
all pieces fell into place!
You can have a look over at her blog....
They turned out AMAZING!
And if you live in the NJ area...
the Tri-State area.... heck, the East Coast,
you have to get her, she will not disappoint!
I promise.
I'm her number one fan(can you tell??), I was before,
but it has been solidified since the shoot.
So, to sum up;
Photographer Amy--AMAZING
Have her take your picture--YES!
The End.


Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink....

I drink two main things in my life; water, coffee and tea(oops, that's three).
Now, I can't figure out which I like better water or coffee(tea is what I drink just to mix it up)...
seriously, I LOVE both.
I live on both... well, technically I live on water...
but if coffee were to disappear of the face of the earth.... *shudder*
I just don't want to think about such awful things.
Point is, I like them both, and consume them accordingly.
Now a problem arose when we moved here to NJ.
The water out of the tap, well, it tastes like butt.
Maybe butt is a little harsh, but it definitely tastes like dirt.
And it might just be me seeing things, but it's looking a little murky lately... I'm just sayin'.
(I'm sure it is technically safe to drink, but yuck .)
Now I drink tap water everywhere.
I drank it in Grenada(unfiltered) and I lived to tell about it.
I drank tap water in Canada growing up, again, unfiltered(that wasn't such a big deal...I'm just trying to prove a point!).
I even had some in Mexico when I wasn't thinking and nothing happened...
and it tasted good.
I don't like paying for water(and Zach REALLY doesn't like paying for water)
but if my water is tasting like butt, I'm going to buy my water.
You can't filter out butt taste, you just can't.
Again I consume A LOT of water... I'm part camel.
I honestly will go with out, to get my water.
(Just ask Zach what I'm like traveling if I don't get adequate water. It's not pretty.)
All I have to say is that if there wasn't a Costco around, we'd be in trouble.
....same could be said for our coffee budget...


Eagerly Awaiting....

...my sewing books I ordered on the Borders Marketplace website!!
I went into the used section
(better than full price if you ask me, and the only way I could kinda afford them!)
and found books that I've been wanting for a while
being sold used for less than half of the original price.
And since I'm looking for ideas for Christmas presents,
I thought I needed a few books for inspiration.
Just looking through books get me so excited to make something,
and when I'm excited to make something,
I can actually(kinda) bring myself to cut into my wonderful fabrics!
Here's to hoping...
I really feel like I need a little push in the sewing department.
I've been slacking lately.
The books I got are,
Amy Butler's, In Stitches: More than 25 Simple and Stylish Sewing Projects...
Seems to Me: 24 New Reasons to Love Sewing...
and Bend the Rules of Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew.
They all come with patterns and instructions, so that's perfect for me because I don't really want to spend money on patterns(which are super expensive!)
I'll let you know how I like them...
hopefully they come today, I'm dying to see them!


Grad Party....from six months ago....ooops:)

I bet you're thinking to yourself, med school grad party pictures now?!?!
I know, I know... I'm about six months late, but I really do have a good reason...
...well, an okay reason.... okay, so it's just a reason.
Lame as it may be, I thought that these pictures were all ruined.
Really truly ruined.
See, I really love photography...well, I'm nowhere near the "photography"
stage. I love taking pictures, that's better, but I really have no idea what I'm doing.
Honestly, no idea. The real problem starts when I decide that I kinda know something
and I start fidgeting with the settings, iso's, etc.
Rewind to our trip to England(before Grad, in May).
I was fiddling with the settings and some how ended up with pretty much ALL
my pictures taken...
and I mean ALL--England, grad party, Canada trip, grad ceremony
(I cringe just thinking about it)--taken in 1600iso.
Why oh why would I have taken anything on that setting??
Anyway, Zach's mom printed a bunch of pictures from Grad and they were all fuzzy and
I thought it was because of the setting.
Well, turns out that Costco just printed them crappy
because I reprinted them all after a good friend, thanks Amy:), told me that it should not make that big of a difference, especially if they look okay on the computer.
And guess what, she was right! Dang you Costco and your
crappy printing ways!
So, here are the pictures.... only six months late.... better late than never right?!?
Zach's mom hosted a party for us and all our friends. It was so much fun!
So much yummy food a great friends/family to share it with.

Aubrey loves her Grammy and "Grant"(great aunt Saralie-get it Grant...great aunt....Grant...great aunt?!! Man we're good!)

So many friends came out to support Zach.
It was so amazing to have them all there with us to celebrate!

I made him cut the cake as though it was a wedding, he was not too pleased with me.

Happy to be having cake!

Aubrey's buddy M.

Auntie Anna was playing with the kids, as usual. I dare you to get her to stop playing when kids are around, I dare you.



If I'm the only one who can not stop watching the new show Sister Wives?!?
I've always been so curious as to how these women(Polygamists) deal with
having their husband off with another women(and ok with it!)?
Such a bizarre concept to me. Last night I was, at least a little,
relieved that they came out and said that there was jealousy....
and that one of the daughters said she could never do it,
she'd be the only wife in her family.... It's just so fascinating to me.
How about you?
Have you seen the show?
What do you think?


Just another day on the farm....

Zach, being Captain Fall, planned an apple picking trip for our little family this
last Sunday. Aubrey was so excited, her poor Sunday School
teacher had to hear about it the whole morning!
We decided to go here....

because it seemed as though the prices were good, it was a family run farm, and the Internet review said that there were low lying trees. Perfect for my short legged girl.....hmmm wonder where she got those from....

They had these waggons laying around and I thought that they'd be perfect to carry said short legged girl.

See? Short trees for short girls:) I don't have a fancy editing program so the shots are not anything fancy, I just played around with a few on my iPhoto.

I just love this shot! Something about how she's reaching is precious!
She was so excited to be there she just ran from tree to tree deciding on which apple to get. It was a very serious process.

As was the eating....

...maybe not so much.

They had pumpkins there too, so we decided to grab one even though we hadn't planned on it.

I could just eat this kid up!

My little poser. Seriously, she sees a camera and strikes a pose! Love it.

I love the action shots! Her arms we about to fall off it was so heavy for her,
but she insisted on holding it.

Can't believe this is my kid!!! She's the best!

There was a free hay ride to and from the pumpkin patch. Usually these places
charge an arm and a leg for these little random things, but not this place:)

Seriously, the two best people in the world... can't get enough... I'm not kidding... Love them.

{I was going to write about the FABULOUS cider doughnuts and apple cider we had, but I decided that they deserve a post of their own. mmmmmmm....*saliva dripping*... cider doughnuts.}