High Hopes...

And nothing... no baby yet. Not cool (to say the least). I'm 10 days overdue and we're getting pretty anxious now. Hoping that it'll happen soon, but we'll see. I'll keep you all posted.



41 weeks and one day, officially very overdue and annoyed! Can't believe that this is going on so long. I guess I'm a chip off my sister's block, she was 10 days overdue with her first and 14 days with her second (and they induced her, who knows how long that would have gone on...).
So here I sit, waiting patiently for this child to come(well, maybe not so patiently) and I just hope that it shows before we have to fly out to New Jersey on the 13th of May, three weeks less two days (not that I'm counting...). We did find out that flying out with the baby(baby and no passport) should be no problem. We called the airlines and we need no ID for an infant (which I still find rather weird) but I'll have the notice of birth from the hospital(and hopefully the birth certificate too, depending on how long it takes to get here) and our hospital ID bracelets, so we should be good. We're flying out of Bellingham so all we need to get across the border (by car) with the baby is the pieces of ID I mentioned earlier. Normally, had we been flying out of Canada and into the States, the baby would have needed a passport, but the fact that we are flying within that US means no ID required. All good news for us. I'm going to call the border and the airlines again to confirm, just to make myself, and Zach, feel better. You can never really trust one person's opinion on the matter. Grenada has made us so skeptical with these things. If someone didn't know the answer to a question you asked, they'd make something up. So then you'd go to the next person (because after a while you tend to catch on) and the answer would be completely different. You had to ask a bunch of people, work out the averages and that was what you'd go with! Good times.
I'll try and keep this up to date in the next bit, hopefully we'll have a child soon to make us a little busier (because we didn't have enough on our plates...). Zach is also sick right now, so hopefully he'll get better before this baby is born, we'll see...


40 weeks and 25 years....

The 16th of April was both my 25th birthday and my due date. No baby yet, but the day was really great! I actually was quite glad that the baby didn't come on that day, I was not a big fan of the idea of having to share my birthday:)
Zach and I spent the day relaxing and driving around to used bookstores in search of cheap finds. Sounds pretty boring, I know, but it's a hobby that we have and we love digging around and finding random things. Zach ended up finding a medical book from 1892 that was pretty awesome. We nearly died laughing at the random sketches and explanations for procedures they had back in the day, most of which looked more like methods of torture then ways of relieving pain. Our favorite was the nasal douche(mostly just the sketch that went with it really), I'm not even going to try and explain that one(I'll let your imaginations go wild with that). He bought it and it's going to be the start of his new collection of antique medical books. Man, I just realized how cool we sound... Anyway, throughout the day we went for breakfast, dinner and hit up Starbucks twice, now that's what I call the perfect day.

40 weeks

The necklace that Zach got me for my 25th(isn't he good?!?)!!

Random Spring shot, did I mention how obsessed I am with this season now?!!


The date is wrong on the post below... should be the 14th...


Things are slowly coming together...

Life has been pretty hectic recently. We've been planning our move to New Jersey, trying to find a place to live and figuring out ways to get all our stuff moved to NJ at once. Well, we've now found a place (and secured it) and it is more then we could have hoped for. It's beautiful! Hardwood floors, dark wood casings around all the doors and windows, real fireplace, updated bathroom and kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bonus sunroom.... the list goes on and on. Another awesome thing is that our friends will be living on the bottom floor of the home (with us above) so we know who our neighbors are. We'll share a washer and dryer, but this wont be a problem because we know them. And anything is better then having to go to campus late at night to do it, whilst dodging rats and cockroaches along the way. . All in all, it's the perfect place and we could not be happier.
Zach got his marks back from the USMLE and he did well! We are so happy because being Canadian from Caribbean school (which funnels you back into the American system), you have to really try and set yourself apart and this will definitely help. I'm so proud of how hard he worked and how dedicated he was(and is) to his schooling. Makes all the moves we make and things we sacrifice worth it in the end(not that it's a complete hardship getting to visit all these random countries and cities:)).
The baby is due in two days, so we are on high alert for when this kid decides to make it's grand appearance. The sooner the better for us, then we can get all the paperwork in order for the baby and I to be able to fly when Zach is.
We've booked our tickets to NJ for the 13th of May to give us time to get things sorted out on the other end before Zach starts his orientation on the 27th. Tom and Marcy are coming out with us (they leave a few days before) to see NYC and to help us move. The help is more then welcomed, having a new baby will kinda keep me a little preoccupied to say the least.

I'm 38 weeks and 5 days in this shot.

The car seat on the left is my new one I got from the States and the one on the right is a used one we got for $25 here. We found out that the one we got in the US is technically illegal here so we are not allowed to use it:( I was not too impressed because there was no sense in getting one from here because the same is true of a Canadian car seat in the US. We can't win, so we have to go with used for now which is a bit of a downer cuz I love my new one so much.

Berndt found a place to sit while I was trying to pack up some of our stuff. You can't really see it too well, but she is suspended in the air a bit cuz the suitcase lid is not being supported by anything under her.