Back tracking...

A lot has happened in the past few months! Easter, my birthday, a trip to Boston on/for my birthday, Zach's mom came to visit, Aubrey had her first birthday(!!!), a trip to Rochester for a vascular conference(Zach's but his mom, Aubrey and I tagged along) with a mini trip up to the Ontario border to renew our visas... always a fun time, Mother's Day... the list goes on and on! So to shorten this picture post up a bit I decided to do some random pictures of Aubrey, shots from her birthday and some from Mother's Day. I'll try and back-post some from our weekend in Boston some other time because it was just so amazing and we fell in love with it!
Things here are just moving along as usual. Yesterday Zach had his last written St. George's exam ever(YAY) and today he has his last oral exam for Pediatrics and thus concluding his third year of medical school!! He is officially a fourth year student now and that is just so exciting!! From here on out he just has to write the licensing and board exams(I make them sound ho-hum, but they are the big kahuna exam's that are eight hours long, at least, and he has a few more of those to go in the next few years), one of which he starts to study from on Saturday:) No rest for the weary! But the bonus is that he will be home and on his own schedule, something he, and I, are looking forward to! He also has a conference(again) in Chicago from Monday until Tuesday and after that, on Thursday, Aubrey and I are headed back to BC for my best friend Marcy's Nursing graduation! I'm so excited to be able to head back for that. We found a super cheap ticket on line and decided that even though we are heading to BC on the first of July, I can do this mini-trip beforehand. This types of trips are nice to do before Aubrey turns two and we then have to rethink our entire travel schedule do to the extra ticket. Not something I'm looking forward to!
Anyway, on to Aubrey's birthday! It was a lot of fun. Zach's mom scheduled her trip so that she could be here for the big event and I'm so glad she was! It's a lot of work to plan a party, even when you do simple finger foods and try and keep it low key with only a few people! Aubrey seemed a little weirded out to have so many people in her space and was content just to watch the other kids for a while. She was not a fan of the birthday hat and was more into smushing the cake, not eating it. All in all it was a fun, tiring day. It ended up being around 90 degrees that day(low thirties in celsius) so we had to install our AC's for the occasion! I'm pretty sure a hot birthday like that is not in the cards for Aubrey in the future!
Mother's Day was great this year, other then the fact that Aubrey was a little under the weather. We went down to the shore here in NJ, Long Branch, and we had awesome weather and it was just a beautiful relaxing and fun day! What more could you ask for?!
Well, I hear Aubrey talking in her crib, so that means my time is up!