One Month and Charleston....

Blog title of the year right?! Man I'm amazing. I bet you all missed my amazingness (and my snazzy blog titles) while I was MIA... sorry world, didn't mean to deprive you of my awesomeness for so long. 
Apparently I'm not one of those bloggers who pops out a baby and blogs from the hospital. 
Speaking of baby.... 

Caleb--one month old!

isn't he the most beautiful thing EVER?!? Well, one of two of the most beautiful things (that Aubrey is pretty freaking amazing). Seriously, this child is in the running for Best Baby of the Century. No jokes, he's sleeping through the night people.... through. the. night
I'm under no illusions that this will continue, but I am hoping and praying it will! Last night he slept from 9:30pm until 7:15am.
seriously. ser. i. ous. ly! Aubrey didn't sleep through the night until she was almost 15 months old. It's amazing how much calmer a mom I can be this time around! 
The above shot is from his one month mini-shoot, he's two months old tomorrow....where did time go?? And my little moose is weighing in at 13lbs 11oz! He's getting his chub on and we're loving it.
I'll post more pictures of Caleb and Aubrey next time (that one was the only one I had edited on my desktop--Thanks PicMonkey website!), but for now I will leave you with random shots that I took this last trip to Charleston. We headed there while Zach's mom was visiting and I'm happy to say that the beauty, charm and gorgeousness that is Charleston has not worn off and was not a hyped-up-first-time-there-so-I-was-in-a-daze type of love... my love for that city is real people and it will not die! Enjoy....