And Now, From Left Field....

*I'm officially 37 weeks and 2 days along.
*Zach and I only really started discussing names for this baby for the first time last night.
*Pretty sure this kid is going to rock "Baby Boy/Girl Klaassen" on it's birth certificate if we can't get our acts together.
*Naming a baby is a big deal/daunting task. They have this name for the rest of their lives... unless they're Phoebe from Friends and change it to Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock.
*Am I the only one who feels like they've conquered the world when they fit every last dish from dinner into the rubix cube they call a dishwasher?!?
*Pretty sure Zach looked at me funny last night when I hollered out "I AM VICTORIOUS!!" when I was done (true story).
*Zach is smart.
*Like really smart.
*Like, how did I end up with someone so scholarly when I HATED school, smart.
*We just got a copy of the Medical textbook that he wrote a chapter in (on Urology). No joke, a freaking chapter in a textbook.
*I had a project featured on a blog the other day.... does that put me on par with his brilliance?!? 
*Let's all pretend the answer to that question is a resounding "yes"...
*Aubrey is disturbingly in love with my belly. Even trying to get her friends to kiss and cuddle it. *awkward*
*She's SO excited for this baby and shouts it from the rooftops every time someone points out my belly...which now is all. the. time. 
*I think I might be the last person these days who doesn't know the gender of their baby before they give birth... or so everyone tells me with a bewildered look on their face, followed by the comment "how do you buy for the baby?!?" 
*It's called gender neutral colors people and a baby only really needs diapers and a sleeper. Not their ENTIRE wardrobe until they are 3 years of age.
*Zach's going to present again at the National Urological conference in Atlanta in May (see SMART)
*I was looking at the hotels that were sponsored by the conference and the hospital is going to get for him.... I'm. So. There. 
*All of the hours that Zach puts in paper writing and researching (which are A LOT) pay off eventually 
*At least that's what I tell myself when he's holed up in his office on a writing rampage....


Astrid said...

Jen--i'm not gonna lie. I think Asher is going to join Zach in what we would like to refer to as genius. The parents evening last night confirmed it. I think we have a medical marvel on our hands ;)
And the conference in Atlanta--I'M SO THERE TOO;)

Marcy said...

Who knows, maybe you're little boy will grow up to change his name to "Crap Bag".

Amy said...

I adore that you shouted.... I am victorius (its the little things... Isnt it though.) and didnt want to know the sex of our babies either... And people do look at you funny when you say you are waiting to find out... And you are absolutley correct onesies and diapers and those cute little sleepers for the first little while anyway!
I wanna see that belly and dont blame aubrey for being so excited..... What a thrill she is g onna be a big sister!
My kids are begging us to have another baby as of late.... Hmmm

And zach is a genius. But you are too! ( you were brilliant enough to marry the man) and yes being featured is almost equal to writing some medical text book... (well in our world it is) thats okay one day you will be a published author... ( well at least in my mind i think you should be...)

I love your random posts, i almost feel like we are hanging out.

And is your sister really coming in may? I just read that amazing....

I read a name yesterday on the blog that was featured on life made lovely... And if i happened to be blessed with another girl someday i would totally name her clementine... (not sure if i could get my husband on board with that one.)
Dont worry God has already named your baby. You have just not realized it yet. Baby klaassen is awesome!

And this has turned into the longest comment of all time.