You suffer due to my ineptness...

Well, I officially have a love/hate relationship with our Mac. I love how easy it is to use, some might say idiot proof...but it's not quite Jenny-proof. My beef with this computer is that you have to buy specific accessories for it, and often times they're more expensive then regular PC stuff. And I, being the not too bright one, often forget this and buy any old computer accessory and most times it's the wrong one and end up having to return it... assuming I have the packaging and receipt. You'd figure that having had this computer for three-ish years now, we would have ironed out all of these kinks... well, you'd be thinking wrong. Now, I'm saying all of this because I'm pretty sure that I bought the wrong external hard-drive and I'm peeved that it is apparently not, in fact, Mac compatible... and the packaging was already thrown out(again, you'd figure that we'd learn by now). ARG! So I go on not posting new pictures due to my stupidity... and thoughtlessness. In my defense though, we've bought other external hard drives that have been no problem and have not been one specifically for Mac's.
Anyway, I guess a verbal update is in order then. Aubrey has just turned 11 months and her first birthday is fast approaching... crazy! I can't believe that I have a one year old, now that's weird. She's in her own room now, sleeping in her own crib(she was in our room for a long time and in a playpen. Still nursing=getting up often at night and I for one am not a fan of getting up and going into another room five times a night!). So now she's finally in her own room and only getting up one or two time a night... on a good night that is!
She's FINALLY started crawling and it is awesome to watch her explore! It took her about a week or two to figure out that this was an actually mode of transportation and is now going from room to room.
She's saying more words and her favorite, or perhaps it's just the one she hears most, is no-no(with vigorous head shaking while still trying to keep you in sight!)! Too cute:) She also signs 'please', says 'mama', 'dada'(while looking at the door, or Zach's office), 'whoa', 'wow' and 'Baaa'(in a scary way when playing peek-a-boo). She meows, claps, gives kisses, hugs(mostly just grunts with hands on you) and waves. All of these things, however, are never done on command, just when she feels like it. She's become quite the picky eater; not liking anything mushed up, but prefers to bite into things ie. bananas, cheese, mango, chicken, avocado, peaches. The thing that she LOVEs to eat is plain whole milk yogurt. It is quite possibly the most disgusting thing to eat ever, but she loves it for some reason and can't get enough and has it pretty much for every meal(along with other things, but not in it... nope, she hates flavored yogurt or if I put things in it). So her pickiness has taken some getting used to, needless to say, and I've just been winging it.
Last time I weighed her she was 22lbs... having said that, that was before she started to crawl and she's also been sick since. So I think she weighs less now, but she's still our little moose!
So that's my Aubrey update and hopefully I'll get the whole hard-drive thing worked out and I can upload some pictures. Wish me luck...