Back in Greanda

Well I'm back in Grenada and it really hit me how behind I am in blogging. Man when I went back to Canada I thought that I would for sure keep it up, but boy was I wrong. Now I'm so behind it isn't even funny...how can I post on all the things that happened while we were "home"?! I'll give a list of all the major things that happened...
First Tom and Marcy got married on the 16th of June, we had a bunch of Starbucks, Jo and Astrid(my sister and brother in law) came to Canada as well with their son Jacob and new baby boy Asher, we had more Starbucks, Zach went golfing...A LOT, Ed and Linda(brother and sister in law) had a baby girl, Jamie, we had more Starbucks...at the first Starbucks ever at Pike Place Market in Seattle, and just a few days after we left Arv and Sophie(brother and sister in law) had a baby boy, Jackson!!! With Jackson being born, that brought the tally to 4 babies being born in the Kliewer family, in the last 9 months!! There was also more weddings, a garage sale that we held to get rid of a bunch of stuff, a vacation with my family, then one with friends and one with just Zach and I. Now if that wasn't an eventful summer, I don't know what was! There was a lot more in between it all, but it would take forever to write. Needless to say it was hectic.
Now we are back here and everything feels so slow and easygoing...typical Grenada:) It was great to see our friends out here again and spend some time with them. We haven't been to the beach though, not something that we are feeling that we must do everyday anymore(I know, you all think that we're weird). We had a hurricane warning...and that turned into a tropical storm warning...that turned into some rain and a lot of wind and lightning. Zach was disappointed, but that is just crazy Zach, me, I was happy that nothing bad happened.
Well, I'm going to cut it out with the writing and get to the good stuff...pictures! I'll try and get on track with the posting...

My very first Starbucks at home!!!

Marcy's staggette

Myself, Marcy and Tom at their wedding

The happy couple!(say it like you mean it Tom...HAAAAPPY couple!)

Jo and Astrid's second boy, Asher

Ryan, Dennis, James and Zach golfing in Whistler

Zach at our garage sale

Pike Place Starbucks...the mermaid is a little scandalous:)

Ed and Linda's third(and finally a girl!!), Jamie

Arv and Sophie's second, Jackson