This and that...

Well, there is nothing really new here. Our life here is way too simple to have exciting things happen to us every day. But I did feel that it was time to post something, actually...way past time, so I figured that you can never go wrong with pictures! So here are some random pictures that I've either recieved in the last little bit or taken here.

Our cat Berndt, that's right Berndt. She (yes, a "she" named Berndt...don't ask) snuck onto Zach's parents bed, where she is not supposed to be, and was having a little nap! Zach's parents are taking care of her while we are here.

Arv and Sophia's little girl, Jordis (my niece). I just got this picture from them and thought that it was one of the cutest of her that I've ever seen!

A starfish that we found on the beach.

Some girls and I when we went out for a coffee for my birthday. Kristin, Lisa and me.

Jo and Astrid's son, Jacob, at McDonalds. First of all, it makes me crave it like crazy and I think that this is quite possibly one of my favorite pictures ever. He is just givin' er on that hamburger!


A new love...

Well, I have a new addiction...Facebook. I told myself that I would not fall for it's clever ploys and get caught up in all the hub-bub, but I guess I'm just weak. What is it about this "find random friends that you haven't seen/spoken to in ten years and 're-connect'" thing that gets us all excited and happy? I know people (I won't name names for their sake so they can save face) who are in a competition to get the most "friends". This desperation has led them to add the most random people, people who were never and will never be their actual friends. I just don't get it, but that doesn't mean that I'm not into it. I guess that I'm just another lemming and always will be.


Staying put

Zach just came back from a meeting at school and it was regarding next semester and St.Vincent in general. He came bounding in the door and informed me that we would not be having to go to St.Vincent!!! Yay, prayers answered. We also recieved a call from our landlord (who is currently in England) this morning (at 7am, who calls at 7am anyway?!) and he let us know that we would be able to keep the apartment here. Another answer to prayer! Needless to say, Zach and I are very excited right now and we are frantically trying to book flights to Grenada before they all fill up. We could not be more exctied to be staying here. It's funny though, about a month ago we would have dreaded the prospects of staying and now we are so pumped. Strange how one will change his mind when the other option is potentially life threatening. Well, never thought I'd be saying this, but...Woo-hoo! We are staying in Grenada!


Towel Power Grenada style...

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we watched the Canucks game here in Grenada...on CBC! Who knew that we'd be able to get a Canadian channel here of all places and on regular cable?! So Zach and I spent our "Wednesday night date night" watching the Canucks game (we went out for dinner first, have to give him credit). Well, I called it quits at about midnight (the game started at ten for us) and Zach stayed up to watch all four overtimes. What a crazy guy, he came rolling into our room at 3:30am and finally came to bed. The above picture is of Zach with his "Canucks play-off towel" aka bathroom floor mat, and he literally swung it around for every goal (almost injuring me more than once). Nothing like watching play-off hockey whilst sweating your butt off...it really does change the whole feel of the game.


Because we just didn't have enough uncertainty in our lives

As most of you know, we were supposed to go to St. Vincent (another Caribbean island) for Zach's last semester here, August through December. Well, there have been a chain of events that have lead us to believe this is not supposed to, or will not, happen. About a week ago at a leisurely breakfast, Zach brought up the fact that he felt nervous about me coming to St. Vincent with him in the fall. He and I had heard a few stories about the safety there, and a recent string of break-ins left him a little scared. Well, in the last week it has escalated and there were more break-ins, with one of the most recent involving a student at home. The locals used to target the students that were in class or at the hospital (mainly just targeting students period), but now they have been getting braver and are even breaking in when there is a security guard and people home. Now the latest is that there has been a sexual assult on a female student and the University has offered to fly, at their expense, whoever wants to leave St. Vincent and do the remainder of their last semester in Grenada. Since this announcement, the crime has been getting worse, I'm assuming in a last ditch effort for the St. Vincent-tians(?) to get as much as they can before the cash-cow leaves their island. We were told (by we I mean Zach's class) that we were going to have to option of going to St. Vincent or staying here...hhmmmmmmmm, that's a tough one. The only problem, well not only, is that we gave up our apartment and need to find some place to live, and most places are taken. We've been looking into some hotels here who have heard about this and are offering cheaper rates for the off season when they would be dead anyway. If you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers while we try and figure this all out, we hope it will all fall into place. The last thing that Zach and I want is to spend four months apart.


Christmas in March

A week and a half ago, Zach's mom came to Grenada for a visit. She is here until this coming Tuesday and we've been having a great time hanging out and relaxing. I've had someone to share my lazy island days with! We've gone into town once, hit up the local "malls" and just relaxed on the beach to top up our tans. Our evenings have been spent eating out, reading books and watching tv. Zach has of course been studying as usual, but a prolonged dinner here and a few extra evenings off there have been great for him too. He took all last Saturday off and it was great for him to get to enjoy Grenada from another vantage point other than his desk. When mom came to visit, she brought two huge suitcases full of stuff from home(and a bunch of clothes that I got her to pick up for me, even better then internet shopping!). We will be hard pressed to run out of nuts, chips, chocolate or books in the next coming months. She also brought 4 Lbs of Starbucks coffee for us and that should last us until the end of next week...kidding...well, not so much, we do kill a LOT of coffee here:) Zach made a comment, as she was unloading her bags that this was better than Christmas. Here we don't have the option of going out and buying or exchanging whatever we didn't get. So it made us really appreciate what we got and how much there was. Needless to say it was very exciting(of course not more exciting then the visitor herself! Although Zach did tease me with questions of what I was more excited to see, the clothes or his mom!). So far the trip has been great and tomorrow night will be our last together and we are going out to a restaurant called The Beach House, which is our favorite, for an early birthday/end of midterm/going home dinner. Should be fun because it's also an excuse to dress up, which we don't get to do too much here(it's a bit of a fancier place), and I love to do.

Local flowers.

More local flowers, couldn't tell you what kind though!

At Stuart's, which is a bar/restaurant where we went for a friend's(Kristin) birthday on Friday.

The view of the bay at Stuart's.

Out for dinner at a place called the Beachside Terrace. I had the most incredible lobster here...mmmm. Zach and I are also both sporting our new clothes that mom brought for us!

Zach's chair decided to give out, one of the legs broke off and down he went. it was one of our cheap patio chairs that had seen better days. It's probably one of the funniest things that I've seen in a long time. He was drinking coffee out of the mug that he got me for Valentine's Day(see earlier blog to see mug) and he did everything in his power so that the mug didn't break, and it didn't. But he got his butt kicked in the process. The best part was that we had two of our neighbours over for dinner, Richard and Bruno, and mom was there too so he had an audiance for the whole thing. I think that his back is still sore from that fall, and so is my stomach from laughing so hard!

We went for dessert to a place called Coconut Beach(most places, as you may have already noticed, have the name beach in them), but this place was actually on the beach.

This is for Ed. This is not one that I found in our place, it was outside, but the ones inside look just the same.

Grand Anse beach, the one about a five minute walk from our place.