A Little Sheep Obsession... And Being Featured

So as of Friday and a little wander around the World Wide Web, I fell in love with sheep.
Seriously, I saw a birthday party on Half Baked, The Cake Blog and then a link to make the sheep pillow at Purl Bee Blog and I was hooked! 

And you know I was in love because I went right up to my sewing room and started to make all the things swirling around in my brain. 
Motivation is not my strong suit when 37 weeks pregnant.
It was a bonus that I happened to have all the supplies on hand already!

True to Jen fashion, I totally wung the sheep pillow and freehand drew a pattern, partially because that's how I roll and also because our printer is not working so I couldn't print the free pattern.

The sheep in the frame was just a random what-not I came up with and ended up falling in love with. 

Just a garage sale frame, some rick-rack and felt and you got yourself some art.

Too cute right?!? It's going above the baby's crib and the pillow is for the crib too.

Just look at the little lamb!

Of course Zach has now taken to randomly throwing the lamb at be an baaing super loud, but I saw that coming before it even happened.... 
Seriously, I was sewing the lamb together and was thinking of all the random ways Zach was going to be obnoxious with it. 
I guess I've learned a thing or two about my man in the 11 years we've been together :)
Like I've said before, those are the moments I love him the most.
We're a little sad like that.

To be honest, I'm not sure the sheep/lamb is going to ever make it into the baby's crib, between Zach's randomness and Aubrey's new found love for it, I think is destine to be in the living room.
Oh well.

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In other news....
my ugly tray to chalkboard project was featured over at Southern Lovely!!
Yay for being featured :) 
You can check me out here !


Amy said...

Nice work jen! Love when creativity strikes! Love your sheep art! So clever, and your baaaaing pillow is awesome!

Laura Jo said...

You would never know our husbands are remotely intelligent and educated the way they act, huh?! Jason says he uses all his brain cells at the hospital and has none left at home thus acting ridiculous!! HAHA! Darling sheep!

Astrid said...

I LURVE your sheep pillow---and sheep frame. I don't blame the Aub-meist--I'd want it for myself as well!And I think your sheep obsession started long ago---perhaps on one of your visits and you made me pull the car over so you could take a picture of the sheep that were grazing on and off the road?!? Whateva.
And seriously--when did your husband get to be so smart?! I need to see him at work and see him in action some time. I just feel like it's all an act. Surely it's not the same man who put dried buns on Mom's celing fan?!? :) x