Funky Foliage

So I still have not uploaded a lot of the pictures from my parents visit so I'm going to fall back on my trusty shots from Grenada :)

I've been doing a little sewing while my parents are here, but not much....just not feelin' it right now. Which, to be honest, is so not good because I have to finish my mom's birthday present(apron) by the time she leaves...on Tuesday....oops. What is it about sewing?! I LOVE to sew, but have to really be in the mood to make any proper progress?? Could it just be my procrastinator genes coming through.....yup, I feel like blaming it on them. I'm almost done the apron too....should just get it done and over with! Put it(and me) out of it's misery! I guess I really haven't had that much time to sew....we've been busy sight seeing and going to the DMV. Yup, you read right, the DMV. Good times.... There is nothing like getting the run-around at a government office(read= over-crowded, dirty, hot...) and waiting in line for 4 hours to be told, you will NOT be getting said license today and Oh, you have to take the written test that you are not prepared for...and fail it! *Insert weeping and gnashing of teeth* Talk about a kick to the stomach. And now I get to go back next week and try again...fun.

Hmmm, guess I needed to get that off my chest! Well, at least you have these pretty leaves, etc. to look at while I moan and complain...right?!?

Ya, I thought so..... You're welcome;)


Feeling Relaxed....

My Parents are still here, so the poor blog is taking a hit...sorry.

Aubrey is loving all the attention and I'm loving me some "break time" from mommy-hood:) Oma loves bath time, wont let me do dishes and there has been talk of her getting her "bake" on, so I'm pretty happy to say the least. My Dad is playing dress up, blocks and dancing with Aubrey....did I mention that he's 73?!? They are SO cute together and can't get enough of each other!

My mom and I went grocery shopping today and my dad stayed home with Aubrey.... bliss! Oh to be in the store without a grabby, antsy little one... And for the record, my dad changed a diaper...not just any diaper, no, a nasty diaper! If you know my dad at all you'll know that's just plain CRAZY.

Well, I still haven't gone through the pictures of their trip so far, but I have some from Liberty State Park. And I did promise some more shots from that trip:) We're planning on taking my parents here too....they're up for anything with a walk, flowers and a view. It's such a great park , and with a view of the Statue of Liberty...obviously... Ellis Island and lower Manhattan, a boardwalk all the way around and a giant playground, it's the perfect place to take them. SO gorgeous.....cold, but gorgeous!


Feeling Sorry For Myself....

I get a little stab of pain in my heart when I think about having to leave this in a few months....

{view out my window while landing at Newark Airport}


A Little of Aubrey

My parents just got in late last night and Aubrey is officially in her glory! Gifts and treats are already flowing freely and she couldn't be happier:) I figured today was a good day to do a short post, but (for your viewing pleasure) a bunch of pictures of Aubrey from Grenada that I compiled.

Now I'm off to go eat my Coffee Crisp *drool* and, thanks to Astrid reminding my mom, Old Dutch Dill Pickle chips!!



On Sunday our little family headed over to Liberty State Park. It's only about a half hour away and we hadn't been there yet....that seems to be the case with with a lot of places around here, SO many places still to visit before we move in June:(

The park is right on the East River and it has a great view of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and lower Manhattan! I have a bunch of pictures from those that I'll show another time, but to be honest, I was more excited for the signs of Spring there! I love Spring, and I think I might even love it even more than Autumn and those of you who know me, that's saying A LOT!

There is just something about seeing all these bursts of color after a long winter that just gets me grinning! As time passes, I realize I'm becoming more and more like my mom. She LOVES flowers...is passionate about them and I can see myself heading in that direction...maybe not to the point of obsession like her and not to the point where I would be spending all my days in the garden, but looking at them?! I'm in! And taking pictures of them?! So fun! I am totally not a "take portraits" type of gal. Too many variables with people, I love taking pictures of objects and finding the beauty in them:) Not that it's hard to find the beauty in this puppies! ~~~Happy Spring~~~


Gettin' My Sew On

I've been wanting to make a sewing machine cover, well, ever since I bought my sewing machine! I hate having to dust it and I finally got around to making one. After I saw the tutorial on Sew Chatty...
...I knew it was the one I wanted! It looked so quick, simple and most importantly, beautiful!! that I made it minutes after finding it:)

Anyway, I loved the look so much after I made it, I made a matching pillow for my sewing chair! I can not get enough of these fabrics!

The cover is reversible, how great is that?!? I used some linen fabric that I've been saving for quite some time(got a yard of it in a sale bin at JoAnn's for $2.50!) and the orange and blue fabrics are Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow(probably my favorite fabrics at the moment). The yellow is Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane...another favorite of mine!

I've been wanting to use brighter colors for my sewing corner and these have done the trick to make the space feel so springy....even though we just got snow again this morning.... SERIOUSLY?!?!
I'm so ready for spring, and this snow business is not cool right now.

And aren't these shabby ruffles precious?!? I officially want to put ruffles on everything!

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So Excited!!

So these pictures have nothing to do with anything:) They're just cool "creatures" (as Aubrey would say) from Grenada. I just don't like posting something with out a picture and these happened to be loaded onto my blog already. So there you have it;)

I'm off to pick up Zach from the airport in a few minutes and Aubrey and I are so excited! He almost was delayed for a long time, but the airline pulled it together last minute....*phew*.

I'm so ready to have him home.... so is Aubrey..... not sure who more....maybe a tie?!?

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend. I've already been busy sewing away today and will share my creations on Monday!

~*~*~Happy Weekend~*~*~

...I know mine is going to be...



Random Thoughts {Part Deux}

So I'm going to rock the "random thoughts" style again today. You know when your thoughts go in a million different directions and you can't keep up? Well, I'm there...sooo there today.

*I can't seem to think straight...hmmmm should make for great reading for you;)

*it actually feels like Spring right now! As in, Aubrey didn't have to wear a jacket yesterday while we were out! YAY!!

*I didn't think it could be done, but I'm checking things off my "Oh Man My Mom's Coming and My House is a Mess" list!!

*I wonder why I decide that I need to clean each individual spice bottle...

*I've come to realize that when my mom comes to visit, I lose all sense and start cleaning anything and EVERYTHING

*I'm already tired of cleaning and I still have five more days of crazy Menno cleaning ahead of me

*I have so many pictures that I want to post from Grenada that I could start a blog just for them...you may think I'm joking...

*I've been busy crafting a little homemade goodness for my sister's birthday....

*her birthday is on Sunday...she lives in England....it'll NEVER get to her in time...oops

*my brother Ed turns 40 tomorrow...weird! I have 40 year old brother...

*it's weird to have a 40 year old brother...I'm assuming he's thinking the same thing!

*I've had 2 run ins with The Plunger in the last 12 hours

*why do things go wrong(and the gross ones at that)when the husband is away?!

*Why is my toilet not flushing?! And for no reason at all???

*my landlord actually fixed something in our apartment the other day...

*it was not the leak that has been pestering us for the last year...

*my blog decides how far the spaces should be between my "thoughts" and I can't figure out how to change it!

*I watched Megamind last night and laughed SO HARD! Great movie:)

*I love when Will Ferrel does "clean" movies....Kicking and Screaming gets me every time!

*I hate sleeping alone.

*I'm not as good playing "Foot" and "Throw it in the Red Thing" as Zach...Aubrey looked at me funny and decided that we should play a different game.

*Aubrey and I still miss Zach:(