Weekend Getaway.....

 This weekend was our little getaway to the Ritz and to be honest, we had decided last minute that Aubrey and I wouldn't go. From the looks of the website and what people said, we figured it would be too much money for us to tag along(even with the free accommodations) and maybe not that kid friendly.
So we didn't go on Friday night with Zach, but on Saturday early morning Zach called and said we should come up anyway. 
He missed us (awwwww) and he had the afternoon free (conference ended at noon that day) so we should just drive the hour and a bit and stay the night.
We did and I'm SO glad!

Aubrey was so excited to have that extra time with Zach, she couldn't stop chattering my ear off about it in the car on the way up :) 
It was so beautiful there and would you believe that it was actually cold?!?

The hotel is on Lake Oconee and the surroundings were gorgeous.

The view from the hotel from down by the lake...

Where Zach did his 5 presentations....yup, you heard right, FIVE presentations. Overachieve much?!?

Our room....

Our view!!...

I've officially never stayed in a room with a bathroom this big!


36 weeks :)

Yay for robes!

Am I the only one who love/hates these mirrors?!

So scary, yet soooo good!

And SHAZAAM again...

Really lovin' the robes!
(and Aubrey peeking in the background)
It was a great night away and I am really hoping that this conference is at this hotel again next year!!


Amy said...

So glad you went too! How beautiful.
Loveing all the pics of you! Especially the one of you in that crazy mirror..awesome "
And may i add you look super beautiful and awesome as well. I cant beleive you are 36 weeks.... You look amazing. I cant wait till i get to see pics of LT and aubrey together.... Man jen you are blessed! Blessed beyond words. I am so happy for you and zach as you family is going to soon be 4 very very soon! Yay!

Wonderful photos as usual!

Astrid said...

Wow. That place is crazy beautiful. Like, magazine perfect! Glad you decided to go too. I'm sure it will be something you guys talk about forever----remember when we had no money but because you are so SMRT ( and by you I am referring to Zach) we got to stay at The Ritz?!?! I mean, c'mon. Crazy! And so glad that you decided to go and enjoy all that beautiful goodness.
Hello 36 week belly?!? I can't beleive you're that close already. I'm sure it feels like you've been pregnant FOREVER, but I can't believe it's nearly here already!
And Yes, I love/HATE those mirrors too.I usually walk away from them with the most grotesque-ly blotchy face. Why do they have to reveal so much?!? Whateva girl!

Marcy said...

Amazing place! And you look amazing too! Amazing all around!