On My Mind Today...

*Getting my little girl out of the house(even though it is BLISTERINGLY hot outside).

*How precious she looks on her bike

*How she asks to ride her bike first thing every morning....right after proclaiming how hungry she is.

*my new place....it's purdy :)

*having a back yard in said place so I can stay in the central air (yes, central air...for the first time in both our lives! that being Zach and I) while Aubrey plays in the fenced in back yard!!

*that my Aubrey has me in a "glass cage of emotion" these days! She's up, she's down, she's happy, she's a monster...all in the span of 5minutes.... I'm pooped.

*that this little girl is moving away from her best friend in less than 3 weeks... and so am I.

*I'm starting to sound like a broken record on this blog...sorry about that. I know you're all screaming "you're moving, it sucks! We GET it!" .....but this is my blog and I can cry if I want to ;)

*I'm actually making progress with packing. Seriously people, I didn't think it would happen either. It kinda sucks.

*Looking at this beautiful face every day makes me forget the crap and think happy thoughts...except when she's throwing a fit...then my thoughts aren't so happy ;)


Procrastination Project #687

So....This is one of the things I made when I really should have been packing :) That seems the be the norm here these days.

This Moda toweling was from my "emotional" fabric purchase the other day. I'm loving it SO much and making a table runner with it was the perfect way to use it and not have to cut it, GENIUS!
A little close up for you, because isn't it fun to see it from 15 different angles?! All I really did was add the polka dot ruffle I made and it was perfect!
Well to me anyway.
I'm liking that I some how still got my all time favorite, the ruffle, in this project annnnd I mixed it up still. How, you ask? A side ruffle...annnnd it's not the shabby frayed edge kind. I know, I'm living on the edge.

Packing update--I'm actually getting some done! We are about 3 weeks away from our move and I'm finally getting some motivation to get things done. Our house officially looks like a bomb went off and I have NO clue how I'm going to go through another 3 weeks of this.... 3 weeks..... oh man.


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I was going to post a crafty blog post tonight, but I had the most fabulous day and I wanted to share it with you all. Aubrey and I had a skip-packing...errrr play date with our friends Amy and Maddie, and it was so wonderful!

The backyard in our little NJ multi-family home is beyond pathetic, so being able to spend a hot day in a huge backyard with sprinklers and kiddie pools, was GLORIOUS!

Not to mention the company!

Amy and I keep saying that these two girls are like sisters, they fight and love like them.

Well, Aubrey whines and Maddie tries to tell her what to do....good times:) Personally, I think it's great, Aubrey could use a good bossing around now and then....and not by me for once!

There was a LOT of splashing....

and mud....

and best of all....

muddy puddles!

And what better way to end the day than with popsicles?!?

Just an all around fabulous day...Annnnnnnd now I'm officially trying to not to cry thinking about leaving these amazing friends....

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What Happened?!?

She used to be chunky....

So perfectly rotund(yes, rotund), like a baby should be. Where did it go? I blame it on the fact that she runs everywhere like a maniac these days. Yup, that's probably it. Why? Why can't she just stop growing?! I miss the days when she had four or five rolls on her chubby little legs....she looked like she had an elastic band buried around each wrist, she was THAT chubby.

I miss those days.


What I'm looking at lately....

So the move is becoming more real and well, to be honest, it puts me in a bit of a funk....ok, a LOT of a funk. I try and think of all the positives about the move and my new place(which I LOVE), but some days...namely yesterday, it just gets the best of me.

It's just that I'm sitting in the middle of THIS!
It just makes me go a bit spazzy. Seriously, I can't handle the chaos that happens when you move....believe me, I should know after all my moves.
And honestly, this is the worst move yet. Worse than when I moved away from the only place I really knew, to follow my man to Med school in Grenada....THAT bad.
I know Aubrey senses it and is acting out a little, although, today she's been a little peach. I guess she knew I needed a little break.
Her 'happy place' these days is in the kitchen doing the dishes....go ahead little girl--maybe make dinner while you're at it ;)! She's ALL about it and as she does them, she talks non-stop about how proud Daddy is going to be of her when he finds out:) I'm just happy there is something that keeps her busy for more than 5 minutes. She'll sit there and scrub and wash for almost a half hour!

I miiiiight have done a little emotional buying....but it's all good because the husband ok'd it! He just has visions of me starting an Etsy shop and he's under some sort of impression that I'll make money at it:) Hey, if it gets me fabric?!? Dream away! Speaking of dreams....Heather Bailey Fabric was on sale and I stocked up on a little Nicey Jane.....

Aren't they just beautiful?!? Oh man, I could look at them all day and I have big plans for this fabric! Aubrey's new room is going to get it's Nicey Jane on!

But really, I've been praying a WHOLE lot about this move and I know the Lord will get me/us through. As I've said before, it's where He's sent us and we have to go knowing that He will work all the details out.

By the way, this is my 200th post! What I want to know is how in the world I thought I had 200 posts worth of stuff to say?!?


Hair Candy

After my stealthily secret post about the pot holders I made for a certain someone who watched Aubrey (it was Sara, Amy's daughter:)), I knew that I'd wait to post about this headband until after it was given. It's too hard to try and be secretive and believe me, being secretive, is not one of my gifts. Let me tell you, it's hard to have that gift when you happen to be a person who's emotions are all over your face for the world to see, at any given moment.......although I guess you can't see my face, hmmm didn't think that one through...

Mooooving on....
The headband was for Amy's other daughter, Emily, who watched Aubrey as well.

A couple of rosettes, a few covered buttons, felt for the backing and some stretchy-lace-elastic-stuff (yup, you guessed it--the technical term) and I was set.
These were the attempts to take pictures of it on my head. ummmm I'm not so handy with the self portrait.... but you do get a nice close-up of my camera lens. You're welcome.
At least I got the actual headband in focus this time...
hmmmm there I am. And look at me go--contorting myself to get a decent shot in the kitchen because it was a rainy day and it was the only room with enough light...good times.
Ahhh, a much better model:)
There was some serious bribing that happened to make her sit still long enough to do this...
But SO worth it, look at her! Oh and the headband ended up being pretty cute too ;)
I'm loving this stretchy-lace-elastic-stuff! So great for headbands and I also used it on my laptop/dvd cases
Best of all, I had all the stuff to make it on hand ....not to mention the cutest little model around!