Getting Ready For Baby....

I've been wanting to make something for over the crib, but had no idea what to make since we have no clue what gender of the baby is.
This also means I can't do something with the baby's name on it.
Somehow this all felt very limiting.

The crib is going to be in our room and to say my room is a decorating challenge is an understatement. 
There is a hideous border and it's a pale yellow...not a pretty yellow. Well maybe the yellow would be pretty if it weren't for the horrible border.

So, as any good decorator would do, I'm completely ignoring the border colors and just decorating around my duvet cover :)
I'm awesome like that.

Once I decided that, I felt oh so free.
And today, I made this... while Aubrey napped.

yup, napped (she's almost 4). 
This is what our lives have come to in order for her to see Zach at all anymore. 
We have to nap her so she can stay up later, so that she can hopefully see Zach at night. 
It's a good thing she's not in school or they'd never see each other. 

I'm apparently into mini bunting, but I'm not ashamed.
I will shout that from the rooftops. 

The felt flower thing is something I won on a blog giveaway a while ago and I didn't know what to do with. It's from Blossom & Vine and she has the cutest shop :)

I forgot how productive you could be while your child is sleeping.... 
might have to put her down for a nap more often, buuuuut it might not always be worth the fight that happened beforehand....

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Astrid said...

I LOVE MINI BUNTING TOO!!! How cute Jen. And the colors are perfect. And yay for the Aub-meist still having a nap. On monday Aniya had a monster nearly 3 hour nap, while the boys played football outside and at the village hall!! Talk about heaven :)

Marcy said...

I dunno what mini bunting is but congratulations, I think!

Amy said...

I love it.... And naps rock! yay for naps! One can be so productive during them. And mini bunting is fab!
Love the colors you picked, beautiful! And cant wait to see this babe girl or boy doesn't matter.....

Sean and Kristin said...

Looks great Jen! I meant to comment on your weekend getaway post. Wait, did I? Now I can't remember! Anyway, it looked like such a nice time away for you, Zach, and Aubrey to recharge (always needed with a dr. husband who you never get to see). And it looked beautiful! So glad you got to enjoy it!! And so jealous too :) No worries about the email and can't wait to hear about/see the arrival of your little one!!!!!