I was waiting to publish this post until I had thought of something to write along with it, but I'm just not  feeling it. So an almost wordless picture post is what you're going to get...
But let's face it, this kid is cute enough for these pictures to speak for themselves!

See, told ya.


Random Thoughts....

*Aubrey calls Caleb "my baby"! Love. It.
*Post-partum body's are awesome.
*that was sarcastic.
*Why is it that the minute you have the baby, all forgiveness for your body goes out the window and you want all the weight off NOW ?!
*Caleb is a breeze of a baby... only thing is this kid is gassy... like really gassy.
*I have never witnessed a child with more violent hiccups than Caleb. They're make-him-throw-up violent.
*I've rediscovered the joys of gripe water for babies!
*Seriously, this stuff is amazing--be gone hiccups!!
*I'm currently feeling worse than I did the day after I gave birth.
*Zach's on vacation and I'm SO NOT READY for him to go back.
*Oh Monday, how I loath you.
*I'm missing my parents.
*they were such a help around the house and with Aubrey, it was so hard to see them go.
*Did I mention I hate Monday?
*I do... hate Monday April 2nd, that is.
*I've taken WAY less pictures with Caleb than I wanted to. Whoops. I need to get my photog on.
*I'm currently editing some pictures of him so hopefully I'll get those up tonight... wish me luck!


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

He's here.... 

That's right, HE! Whoda thunk... not me...or Zach.
Girl. That's all we thought.
It was once he was born and we found out he was, in fact, ALL boy, that I realized how much I thought it was a girl.
Totally thought girl. 
Weird how we convince ourselves of one way or another.
I guess I should share the name... 
That would be nice, huh?! 
Caleb Nicholas Zachariah
and he's a moose...
8lbs 15oz
and yes, that's pretty much 9 pounds.
Took me until the next day to put 2 and 2 together on that one. I blame the labor.
And speaking of labor... that could be a whole other post on it's own and, no, I won't go into the gruesome details. 
BUT his birth was a bit touch and go near the end and the words "extremely low hear rate" and "Emergency C-Section" were hollered out into the intercom and let me tell you, if that doesn't make you want to push that sucker out, like, RIGHT NOW?!? I don't know what will. 
Point is, Caleb is healthy and fabulous and he smells Amaze-balls! 
Bahahaha balls... boy. 
Sorry, I have a Urologist for a husband and I never really was one to be classy to begin with.

And this beautiful girl is beside herself excited to have a baby brother. 
Zero jealousy and ALL love from her!
And Zach... Oh Zach, he's absolutely BURSTING with pride for his (not-so) little boy!
In all the hub-bub of you know, giving birth'n'all, the doctors and nurses... and med students... and residents.... (yes I gave birth at a university hospital and I had quite the small village watching me do it, AWESOME) people were just excited he was out and all I hear is Zach holler out above Caleb's fabulous cry and ALL that noise (there was A LOT of it) 
"IT'S A BOYYYY!!!" and everyone burst out laughing!
Best part?! Zach has absolutely NO recollection of saying it!
Love. Him.

We are all SO thankful for this healthy baby boy that God has blessed us with and we're all doing good! 
I'll post some pictures that I took once they're out of my camera-SD-card-purgatory... feeling a bit lazy and perfectly content with my mom doing everything for me right now! 


Finally Finished {Faux Chenille Baby Blanket}

So the baby has not arrived yet, obviously or else I'd be shouting it from the rooftops!
I guess my womb is just way too cozy... dang my cozy womb. 

Instead I will show you what else I labored over lately (man I'm funny).

The faux chenille baby blanket that I made based on the Made tutorial turned out SO CUTE!
Even if I mangled my hands with all that cutting between the seems. 
My hand looks like Chandler's Pacman claw from Friends.

One thing that I could do without is binding. 
I. hate. binding.
Or maybe binding hates me....
Not sure, but either way, I always have the toughest time with it.

I love the colors that I chose for the blanket, the top ended up being what I thought would be the bottom.... that was confusing. 
What I meant was, I had a brown and white polka dotted flannel for the side of the blanket that would "show" and I decided at the last minute that I wanted the green on the other side to be the one that was prominent.
Don't really think that made anymore sense than before... let's pretend it did, 'kay?

So in the end, once I had painstakingly cut all the chenille-like-whatever, the polka dotted side ended up looking kinda funky.
But to me it's a good funky, psychedelic if you will :)

And of course Aubrey got herself all up in this photo shoot. 
Funny because this kid is NOT pleased when I pull out the camera these days... guess I over did it there for a while. Oops.

So soft she had to fake-sleep on it.

The lovely green :) 
And Aubrey's too-cute feet....

This seriously was one of the most time consuming projects I've ever done. And soooo NOT an instant gratification one either, which is usually how I roll. 
So worth it in the end...
Even if it looks wonky because I wasn't fully paying attention when I tried to trim the edges and make it a rectangle.... more like a trapezoid (hence no full blanket shot!).


My Parents Are In Town....

...thus the lack of posting! I've been basking in naps and laziness these last few days and it's been fabulous. I feel more rested and my shower is sparkling ;)
Gotta love having a clean-freak for a mom in town and I have no shame, yes please, scrub my shower!

Aubrey is in her glory with Opa and Oma around, they have all the patience in the world for her... something Mamma was running out of.

We're (not so) patiently waiting for baby to make it's appearance....

I'm due on Monday (the 12th), but I'm already feeling 2 weeks over due!
Ahh the joys of the second pregnancy ;)
I'll try and post more, but I can't promise anything...
Napping is very important these days.
I do it like it's my job..... 

that and eat. Two, VERY important jobs.


Belly Shots~~39 Weeks....

As I was getting ready for our dinner out yesterday, I thought I should get a few belly shots. I was in my basic I'm-having-heat-stroke-because-I'm-blow-drying-my-hair tank and skirt and thought it would make a good shot, all that plain black.

I never remember (until after the fact) that I have a tripod and could have taken better pictures... oh well.

I don't think I've "dropped" yet, I remember dropping at around 36 or so weeks with Aubrey....

Hahaha there are my feet poking out of my Umpa Lumpa body.... that was for you Amy :)

And here was my attempt at being a little artsy....

Do you see my painted toenails there?!? You better, I worked hard for those suckers! Many numb limbs and leg cramps went into making my feet look good for the evening.

All offensively pink and fabulous... and red raw from all the foot scrubbing ;)

Excuse the overly tired look on my face.... We took these once we got home from the dinner, I caught Zach right before he was hopping into bed! Seriously, he was in the door, brushing his teeth before I had my shoes off! Apparently a week straight of nights with 4 hours of sleep a night or less caught up with him (and also no end in sight with that schedule).... weird ;)
And a color shot for your viewing pleasure!


Random Pictures... And Thoughts

Why do I do this to myself?!? Why do I look at pictures of myself not pregnant when I am almost 39 weeks?? It's just mean to do! But aren't we cute?! I think so... and so happy to be at the New Hampshire coast... fabulous :)
I. Love. The. Atlantic. Ocean. 
There, I said it. 

Aubrey got a cough/runny nose the beginning of this week and this was my mantra when I was around her...

This was actually Zach's Valentine's gift. I'm so romantic right?! 
He loved it and that's what matters.
It's a quote from Barney on How I Met Your Mother. 
When I heard it I KNEW it was perfect for Zach to put in his office. It's him in a nutshell... being a resident does not let you take "sick days" well, ever. Seriously, I'm sure some of your doctors you go and see are more sick than you are.
You want me to be joking, but sadly, I'm not.

The ever fabulous Amy whipped up the quote on her Photoshop for me (not to mention all the new blog headers I've been sporting these past few months...pays to have a friend who is experimenting with such things!). I used this canvas I had spray painted previously, stuck on some burlap, threw on some mini clothespins and I had me a funky picture frame, voila! 

And this... this is a much hated sight for someone who sews! An almost empty thread spool when you're in the middle of a project.
Insert weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I was on a roll with my baby blanket, the faux chenille one I found a tutorial for, and I ran. out. of. thread. 
So the blanket was set aside (with an angry huff) because I knew it would be days before I'd have the car to get more thread. 
I actually got out last night and got more thread AND went to the mall and got a shirt for my dinner out tonight. 

So I can start work on this blanket today again AND go to the dinner tonight not sporting a toga ;)

In the mean time I actually started working on my quilt (yes, the quilt I got fabric for waaaaay back when we first moved to Georgia in June--shame on me)! I got the whole top of the quilt sewn together and bought the muslin for the backing last night too, so I might actually get both the quilt and blanket done before this baby comes.... dreams are cheap ;)

And look at little Aubrey! Pretending to make a mini quilt with my left over charm pack I decided to not use on my quilt. She was chattering away about how she was going to piece it together...too cute!

 Like I said earlier, my Big Night Out (dinner with Zach's work....and yes, that's a big night out because I get to talk with adults, not listen to constant 3 year old chatter) is tonight and I actually have something to wear :) So I'll try and remember to take a belly picture when I'm dressed up too, but my memory is a little wonky so forgive me if I forget.
Now I must go and take this 39 week body and try and paint my toenails.... assuming I can find my feet.... and actually reach them....
Wish me luck!