The New Time-Suck....

I'm already on Facebook and Pinterest, officially the 2 greatest time-sucks out there and guess what?!? I found a worse one. Yup, it's way worse(for me anyway).

I've always used coupons, I wouldn't be a true, frugal Mennonite if I didn't. But I've never taken it to the next level and couponed (yes, there is a difference) until now.
It's amazing the things you will do when you realize things are tight and you want to do your part to help lower the cost of "life". I figure that this is my way of having an "income" while being an at-home-mom of two (emphasis on AT HOME... we only have one car, and that combined with Zach's crazy schedule and call shifts, the kids and I are home all. week. long.).
So couponing it is, and let me tell you,
As soon as I walked out of the first grocery store with $40 worth of stuff for $10.40, I was hooked. 
And my maniacal grin as I walked to our car (with Zach and the kids waiting in it) told Zach that I was forever hooked.
My first haul from 2 stores... $140 worth of groceries for $47!!
First words out of his mouth were, "we are NOT going to be those people with a pantry full of deodorant!"! Hahaha love him. Was I supposed to just leave the 2 deodorants behind that I was going to get for free?? NO chance. A few minutes later he said, "we're going to be the best smelling most well groomed people EVER". I mean, come on?? Would that be the worst thing ever?!?
I didn't think so.
All this to say, I'm serious about this new endeavor and with websites like www.southernsavers.com it's just made it idiot proof...well, Jen proof anyway.

At this point, I'm obviously still figuring the whole crazy thing out, but I've been spending less on groceries and have been accumulating quite the stockpile. All good things in my books!
Best part, it seems that it's the nice grocery stores that have the best deals and coupon policies, so I get to shop in the classier stores! Yay!

Anyhoop, you know I wouldn't leave you without some pictures of the ol' kiddos.....

How precious are they?! 
How did Caleb get to be 5 months already??
How do I have a 4 year old?? 
Why do we only have one car?
Why does Publix not consider Target a "competitor" when it comes to couponing?
Will Zach ever be home in time for dinner?
These are all questions that fly through my head on a daily basis......


My Days....

have been filled with these two jokers :) 

And I'm lovin' it! They are just two of the most precious people EVER!
I mean, look at this face?!

Caleb has been given the, very appropriate, nickname "Perfect Baby". This kid is no fuss... at. all. EVER.
He's the most go with the flow baby... except for today, but I'm going to pretend that his day full of crying just didn't happen. 
It's kinda like Olympic judging, eliminate the highest and lowest score.
So moving on....

Aubrey's so in love with him (still and we're past the 'novelty' stage) and it's almost to the point of painful. Fo reals. 
She and Caleb had well baby visits on the same day(thus the dueling band aid picture). She got her 4 year shots and he his 2 month ones--- and she felt it was her mission to "help" him even more that day.
This kid puts the "mother" in "smother"....
the "S" on "mother"....
she's all up in his business.
But I'll take her obsessive, possessive love of him over a kid who is jealous ANY day.

And in unrelated news.... It's hot in Georgia. 
Hide in your house hot.
Walk to the mailbox and break out into a sweat, hot.
Will I ever get used to this?!?


Oh hi there. 
*insert elaborate turn to a camera with cheesy grin* 
I'm Jen.
You might remember me from such blog posts as
"Aubrey's 4th Birthday" and "One Month And Charleston"....

I know, I know... It's been a while. But guess what?? I'm not going to give some lame excuse.
Seriously. I'm not because I don't need one.
That's right. I'm owning my blog hiatus. In fact, I didn't just take a blog break. I kinda took an Internet break... really a computer break.
*insert a pat on my own back*
I didn't mean to, just kinda did and I feel fabulous :)

Anyhoop, I'm back and will hopefully be posting regularly again. 
You're welcome.