....I'm coveting....
I mean, come on! Pink?! And not just any pink, punch you in the face pink!
I have birthday money, but I think a new camera lens will win out in the end....
But a girl can dream, right?!?


I Wish.....

*that I was already living in my house in Georgia....
*that New Jersey would stop having such schizophrenic weather
*that I didn't have a mouse(most likely mice) in the house
*that said mouse/mice hadn't got into Aubrey's Birthday chocolate....that was in the gift bag already...and I had to throw away...and Aubrey was devastated:(
*that my house would pack itself
*that I had motivation to work out
*that chocolate wasn't so stinkin' tasty
*that Aubrey wasn't so stinkin' cute because it plain ol' hurts to love her so much!


Big Girl Now...

My baby girl turns...

{Photo Credit to Amy Rehbein}


I'm a crazy mixture of excited and sad. I know everyone says this, but why do they have to grow up?? It seems like just yesterday I was cuddling her chunky body and nuzzling her bald, peach-fuzz head. *sigh* We can't win can we? We always push our kids to learn the next thing, eat solids, roll over, potty train(Aubrey's SO not on board with this)....Guess we have ourselves to blame when we look back and wonder where the time has gone!

Aubrey is such an amazing girl, smart beyond her years, and one of the funniest kids I've ever known. I know that I'm a little biased, but her comedic timing is bang on. We'll say something and she has a witty retort in seconds! LOVE that about her! She's a beautiful girl inside and out and I feel so blessed to call her my daughter. I'm thankful every day that the Lord chose to bless us with her and pray that the years to come with her are just as amazing.

In other news, we found a place to live in Georgia!!! SO excited! The one thing that I'm sad about...other than moving away from great friends and an awesome church....the backyard with the house is small:( BUT we HAVE a backyard...all to ourselves!! YAY!!
I'm done my traveling for now and will back to my regular blogging tomorrow:)


Random Thoughts

*I was looking through my post section and found this little nugget that was unpublished! Perfect for today, well, because I forgot to upload new pictures from Boston...that are on Zach's computer. Reason enough for me...time for an Opa-and-Oma-visit-the-Shore flash back;)

*I'm going to do all the writing in the beginning so I don't have to deal with the pesky spacing that happens when I try and insert it between pictures.

*I miss Boston....

*I LOVE Boston.

*I wish we would have got down the the Boston Market area while there.

*I loved watching Zach's aunt run the Boston Marathon....she's 58 and she's in better shape than 99% of the WORLD! She kicked butt and I'll post the pictures to prove it!

*We have one full day at home and then we are off to Georgia tomorrow to try and find a place to live....in 3 days...

*Nooooo I'm not feeling the pressure AT ALL.Why do you ask?!?

*We have a 12 hour drive ahead of us...

*can you hear me crying where you live??

*I can't wait to have a house ...yes you heard me a HOUSE....for WAY less than the rent we pay here.

*My apartment still leaks when it rains.

*I live on the middle floor.

*we move in 2 months

*I have not started packing yet....

*a HOUSE ....with a BACKYARD!!!!

*please pray that it all works out.....


My Turn...

...to try my hand at a Spring wreath and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I need to get a more substantial ribbon for the top, but I'm liking the look! I got the wreath from JoAnn's and the mini frame with the "K" is from a garage sale....pretty sure it was less than $1:) For the rosettes I used Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry and Fresh Cut by Heather Bailey...two of my favorite designers/lines at the moment. Sorry the picture is a bit funky, the lighting was off ---mix that with a cloudy day and you got yourself a bit of a crappy picture! Oh and I decided to put the wreath indoors so that I could enjoy it all the time....plus I live in an apartment and thought that it would be wasted in the hallway. So it's alllll mine!

Linking up to....



Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Oh man, Fenway Park did not disappoint! What an amazing way to kick off a birthday! Zach and I had so much fun at the game, I don't even know where to begin. Seriously, the sights and sounds were so amazing, so different from the Yankee Stadium that we've been to twice. Zach made a comment of how quiet the stadium was(no noisy announcements and bells and whistles...the fans were still yelling and puttin' on a show!) and we realized we were so used to the hoopla of Yankee Stadium and there was none of that at Fenway. Weird, but nice because we got a good dose of the super-fans in front of us who were walking stereotypes of the Red Sox fan! SO funny, the best part was they were a couple of cussin' fools and then a family walked in and sat in front of us and they totally cleaned up their act! I was so impressed, when I saw the kids I thought, here we go.... and nothing! Too funny. Anyway, I'll let the pictures I took tell the story for me:) Today I'm spending my birthday in my favorite city ever....Boston!! Did I ever mention how much I LOVE it??? ;)


Random Thoughts

*Zach's mom was supposed to get in last night and she missed her flight, so she's getting in later today. My heart is breaking for 2 reasons...Aubrey and Zach's mom:( They were both SO excited to see each other and are NOT happy about this delay.

*I am beyond excited about Boston this weekend!! And Zach just surprised me with tickets to the Red Sox game tomorrow night...for my Birthday!

*It's my Birthday on Saturday and yes, I'm one of those obsessed-with-my-Birthday-and-let-everyone-know people:)

*My love language is TOTALLY gifts and I think that Zach is getting it finally. Uh-oh, now I'm making him sound bad! I don't mean it like that, we're just poor and he's now getting that I don't care how small the gift, flowers,homemade, whatever, I'll love it!

*I love random surprises, so the fact that he's planned this since March makes me love it/him even more!

*If you are either a die hard Red Sox fan or a die hard Yankees fan, I apologize in advance for this next comment...

*Zach and I can't pick a team. We love the whole rivalry business and can't get enough of it! So even though we live in the NYC area, we can't commit to just the Yankees. We just love them both...sorry.

*whew. I feel better having got that confession off my chest.

*This spacing is off again?!? What is up with this stupid thing???

*Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Boston?? I do. I LOVE Boston. So much that I have to write LOVE in capitals every time, see? LOVE LOVE LOVE Boston:) And Boston in the Spring?!! Are you kidding me?!? *This is the second East Cost birthday(out of 3 so far) that I've spent in Boston(LOVE!!). Now that is a yearly tradition I can get behind!

*If you asked me where my dream place to live is? Boston, hands down! Why? Because I....you guessed it---LOVE it!

*something I'm not excited about----I have to go back to the DMV today. Yes again. At least I have my wonderful companion, Amy, to go with! Bless her, she's going with me again today and that's the only reason I'm not dreading it.


It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

It's garage sale season again *insert giant grin*! This last weekend I went with my friend Lisa, while visiting her up in Connecticut, and got a few little goodies. I think the best bargain was the old mop pail... Lisa made it sound like such a ho-hum thing to the person selling it, she got it for me for 50 cents!

This little dish is so perfect for my rings, etc. on my dresser. I love the swirly colors and, I don't have a shot of it, but the back of it is copper---so cute:)

Aren't these tin bowls so awesome?? I love the colors, but I might love that they were $1 total more....

I love this time of year, everyone is getting rid of things during Spring cleaning... perfect for me to swoop in and get a few great bargains! I'll have to post pictures of the few furniture pieces Zach and I got a few weeks back. That's right, we're moving to Georgia soon and we're buying furniture....you're not the first person to think we're crazy! But when you find the perfect piece at the right price?? Now that you can't pass up!


Minor Headaches....

So I'm fresh off a morning spent in a NJ DMV...... I'm feeling a little frazzled to say the least. This was my fourth....yes, you read correctly...FOURTH try and still no license to speak of! Ahhh, I'm going crazy. I mean, I'm from Canada for pete's sake(name that movie)! Not like I'm from some random place and don't speak the language. I'm pretty sure God is just giving a giant test in patience...I think I might be getting a C-...hmmm, better work on that.

At least I'm done the written test finally. I could, quite possibly, be the worst test taker ever, no joke. I wish you could even get a glimpse inside this head of mine...scary place to be I tell ya. Oh the anxiety, not fun. I guarantee you I was more nervous and anxious than any 16 year old there. What is wrong with me?? I thought you outgrew these things...guess not.

Now I have to go back...for the fifth time and hopefully it'll all work out. Why are DMV's always in the worst locations?? Not to mention the helpful staff they have....texting, snapping their gum, looking at you like your speaking to them in Swahili.... Is it wrong to want to be treated like a human being? Or is that just me?! The real hero today was Amy who was so kind to drive me to two separate DMV's and she watched the girls(Aubrey and Maddie) while I dealt with the craziness. It's so amazing to have a friend that will help out like that!

Anyway, I'm home now and I intend on doing something relaxing. I really should be cleaning because Zach's mom is coming tomorrow night for a visit, but I'll worry about that tomorrow;) I think the house is still pretty clean seeing as to how I did the crazy, my-Menno-mom-is-coming-and-I'm-panicking, clean. Just have to do a few touch ups and the regular weekly clean and I'm good to go. I need to get my mind off things and what better than sewing to do it?? Aubrey's asleep and I got some "me time" so off to the Singer I go:) I'm working on trying to figure out a plan/pattern for a doll carrier for Aubrey's birthday. I looked online forever and hadn't found any that I liked or any tutorials, so if this works out like I'm hoping it will, I'll try and do a tutorial...wish me luck...

~~~Pictures were taken by Yours Truly in Connecticut this last weekend.....not the pattern one, that was taken in my home ;)~~~