The Big City...

The other day I told my sister-in-law, Linda, that I had updated the blog and she promptly asked if there were any pictures on it and, well, there weren't. But I can take a hint, so here you go Lin. These are just some random Grenada pictures from downtown St.George's. Hope you enjoy...

The fruit/vegetable/spice market.

Local spices.

The newest nightclub in Grenada...just kidding, they really do sell meat out of here though(can't say I've ever had the urge to buy).

Fish market, you should see the amount of flies in this place. And the smell, I'll tell you one thing, I ain't buying anyhting from here.

This is one of the main roads downtown. To the very right you can see a boarded up building, this is the KFC and it is getting a facelift. The Grenadians love their KFC, can't quite figure out if it is the KFC itself or just the fact that it is the only fast food joint on the island...?


You Know You're In Grenada When

Well...I just finished studying for my Pathology exam tomorrow and I figured this was a good time to make my blog debut before I get into Microbiology studying. Since the blog is The Adventures of Zach and Jen, I figured Zach should make a post. Yes, this is Zach, not Jen... and I just referred to myself in third person. While we've been in Grenada we've noticed a few things are different in comparison to home...you've all seen those emails titled "You know you're from Saskatchewan when..." or "You know you're a Menno when..." Let me introduce the "Top 10 You Know You're in Grenada When...":

10. It's "cooling off a bit" when the temperature hits 35C

9. The price of a shot of rum at home is the same as the whole bottle

8. The food court at the local mall is a top 3 choice for places to eat on date night.

7. You are routinely chased by the police station's pet goat on your daily run...

6. One day you decide to fight back, you turn around and chase the same goat...screaming

5. You go into the grocery store on March 25th and realize an expiry date of March 17th is "not bad"

4. The teller at that same grocery store looks like she has "bitter beer face" when you put your groceries on the conveyer belt

3. You don't need a lawnmower when the neighborhood cow is hungry

2. The punishment for wearing camouflage is the same as being in possession of porn

1. A police officer in his cruiser is knockin' back a cold Carib beer


Not the hero I thought I was

Today I really learned how useful I am. I decided to clean out the cockroach poo from under the bathroom sink and once I got started I kept finding more and more poo...and eggs. Well actually, not eggs, cases-did you know that cockroaches lay eggs in cases? And each case contains who knows how many eggs... Well, I now know this and that is why they can reproduce at such alarming rates! Anyway like I said, once I started I kept finding more so I took out one of the drawers and I found the mama. Sitting there laying another "case", too stunned to move. Remember in the last post when I said that cockroach was the biggest I had ever seen, well I was wrong, this was it. Well, naturally I lost it and called for Zach to get the bug spray. I pulled out the rest of the drawers and Zach killed the roach while I was cowering in the bedroom calling him to see if it was dead yet. Some big help I am. Anyway, we (and by we I mean Zach) killed the mom and most of the babies but that, I guess, is just for now. Well, see how long that lasts...


My worst nightmare...

It is said that cockroaches can survive a nuclear holocaust, that they are one of the hardest things to kill. Well, I'm here to tell you that they are. I have been battling the roach since I arrived in Grenada, a year and a bit ago and they are quite possibly the grossest creatures on the planet. The ones that I've encountered (too many to count) have been huge, seriously. Not just "in the heat of the moment" huge, but truly big. I'm talking about two inches long. They have the hardest shells(makes it hard to smash) and these giant antennae. They can scurry so fast that you can loose track of them on an open floor and they can fit into a hole of any size. I'm telling you all of this because for the past two blissful months, I have not seen one cockroach, not one. I could hardly believe my luck when I got back to Grenada after Christmas break, I thought that I was free. I thought that we had got rid of them once and for all. Well, I thought wrong. They're back. I came into the house after a whole day away, Zach turned on the lights and I went to the sink to put a cup in and there it was-staring me in the face. Zach kindly "disposed" of it for me and I have been jumpy ever since. I swear it was the biggest one of all, the mother of all cockroaches. Here it was, my enemy, the reason our electric bill is so high (I keep all the lights on so they wont come out) back again. And to top it all off, they have multiplied and the eggs have started to hatch, infant cockroaches running around our apartment. Another generation, ready to grow up and terrorizes us yet again. Will it ever end?!


Ladies and Gentlemen...We have reached a new level...

Wow, it has been a while since I last wrote. Funny how not much can happen in your life, but you still are too busy to do simple little things like update a blog. Or maybe it is because not much is going on in my life that I haven't written, I'm going to go with that one, better than just sounding plain old lazy.
Well, Zach is now in ultimate over drive. I always wonder how he could possibly get any busier, and then he does. He has just been given a paper to write by Monday (which will be published) and that means researching it and writing it in that time. This is on top of all his other studying, not to mention the fact that he has convinced himself that he has been afflicted with Meningitis...don't ask. Apparently this is something that happens to people who are on the road to becoming doctors, they read about a disease/virus/ailment and think that they have contracted it. The ultimate in hypochondriacism. He has coined a new term for this, MSH, which stands for Medical Student Hypochondriacism. He has also started to diagnose others (he's sharing the love) and apparently I have a mild case of passive-aggressive disorder (don't know how to take that, but to tell you the truth...I think he is right). He might as well be a doctor already for all the diagnosing he is doing. It doesn't help that every time he talks to one of his friends back home they tell him their problems (real or not) and ask him, calling him doctor of course, to tell them what is wrong with them. He usually tells them something made up to satisfy them and get a laugh.
So this crazy weekend is progressing at break-neck speed and Zach has, of course, deemed certain things unnecessary, namely sleep. He got to bed, I repeat GOT to bed, at 7 this morning, proceeded to have one and a half hours of sleep and woke up to continue writing. This is what I have to deal with, crazy med student and all his baggage. And you all think that it is fun and games in Grenada, well I'm here to tell you that it is not!