Photo Shoot...

So we had our first professional family photo shoot...ever
(well, since our wedding, but Aubrey was not present then...)!
Crazy right?!? I feel like a bit of a failure as a parent.
Apparently we are the only family who doesn't get pro shots done ever three months...oops.
A shoot every 2 1/2 years will have to do:)
Well, we figured that it was high-time to have it done.
And with our good friend being a wonderful...amazing...fantastic....brilliant photographer,
AND it being the most fabulous time of year, Fall
(Let's hear it for Fall!!!)
all pieces fell into place!
You can have a look over at her blog....
They turned out AMAZING!
And if you live in the NJ area...
the Tri-State area.... heck, the East Coast,
you have to get her, she will not disappoint!
I promise.
I'm her number one fan(can you tell??), I was before,
but it has been solidified since the shoot.
So, to sum up;
Photographer Amy--AMAZING
Have her take your picture--YES!
The End.


Kimberley said...

too bad she doesn't live on the west coast of CANADA!!! she sounds incredible.
p.s. did you NOT have cankles at all when you were preggers?? how come i get them like every other day these days. boo chubby feet. booooooo!! oh well, this baby better be DARN cute! :)

Sean and Kristin said...

LOVE the pics, you guys are the cutest family!!!

Amy said...

: ) Most amazing family ever. You guys were just Awesome. Thanks for being you.


I have officially (in my own mind) decided that you can not move. there I said it......

: )