Grad Party....from six months ago....ooops:)

I bet you're thinking to yourself, med school grad party pictures now?!?!
I know, I know... I'm about six months late, but I really do have a good reason...
...well, an okay reason.... okay, so it's just a reason.
Lame as it may be, I thought that these pictures were all ruined.
Really truly ruined.
See, I really love photography...well, I'm nowhere near the "photography"
stage. I love taking pictures, that's better, but I really have no idea what I'm doing.
Honestly, no idea. The real problem starts when I decide that I kinda know something
and I start fidgeting with the settings, iso's, etc.
Rewind to our trip to England(before Grad, in May).
I was fiddling with the settings and some how ended up with pretty much ALL
my pictures taken...
and I mean ALL--England, grad party, Canada trip, grad ceremony
(I cringe just thinking about it)--taken in 1600iso.
Why oh why would I have taken anything on that setting??
Anyway, Zach's mom printed a bunch of pictures from Grad and they were all fuzzy and
I thought it was because of the setting.
Well, turns out that Costco just printed them crappy
because I reprinted them all after a good friend, thanks Amy:), told me that it should not make that big of a difference, especially if they look okay on the computer.
And guess what, she was right! Dang you Costco and your
crappy printing ways!
So, here are the pictures.... only six months late.... better late than never right?!?
Zach's mom hosted a party for us and all our friends. It was so much fun!
So much yummy food a great friends/family to share it with.

Aubrey loves her Grammy and "Grant"(great aunt Saralie-get it Grant...great aunt....Grant...great aunt?!! Man we're good!)

So many friends came out to support Zach.
It was so amazing to have them all there with us to celebrate!

I made him cut the cake as though it was a wedding, he was not too pleased with me.

Happy to be having cake!

Aubrey's buddy M.

Auntie Anna was playing with the kids, as usual. I dare you to get her to stop playing when kids are around, I dare you.

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Amy said...

WOw that Amy sure is a smart one.... LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL great Shots I am so happy that they were not lost forever.