Just another day on the farm....

Zach, being Captain Fall, planned an apple picking trip for our little family this
last Sunday. Aubrey was so excited, her poor Sunday School
teacher had to hear about it the whole morning!
We decided to go here....

because it seemed as though the prices were good, it was a family run farm, and the Internet review said that there were low lying trees. Perfect for my short legged girl.....hmmm wonder where she got those from....

They had these waggons laying around and I thought that they'd be perfect to carry said short legged girl.

See? Short trees for short girls:) I don't have a fancy editing program so the shots are not anything fancy, I just played around with a few on my iPhoto.

I just love this shot! Something about how she's reaching is precious!
She was so excited to be there she just ran from tree to tree deciding on which apple to get. It was a very serious process.

As was the eating....

...maybe not so much.

They had pumpkins there too, so we decided to grab one even though we hadn't planned on it.

I could just eat this kid up!

My little poser. Seriously, she sees a camera and strikes a pose! Love it.

I love the action shots! Her arms we about to fall off it was so heavy for her,
but she insisted on holding it.

Can't believe this is my kid!!! She's the best!

There was a free hay ride to and from the pumpkin patch. Usually these places
charge an arm and a leg for these little random things, but not this place:)

Seriously, the two best people in the world... can't get enough... I'm not kidding... Love them.

{I was going to write about the FABULOUS cider doughnuts and apple cider we had, but I decided that they deserve a post of their own. mmmmmmm....*saliva dripping*... cider doughnuts.}


Amy said...

Jen, Beautiful Beautiful Loved that shot of your and Aubrey through the tree. Amazing. You better have that one framed. Can't Wait to go here.

Laura Jo said...

FUN!! Great pics too!

Jenna said...

Loved these pictures! What a cute family you guys make! Please say hi to Zach and Aubrey from us all.