Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink....

I drink two main things in my life; water, coffee and tea(oops, that's three).
Now, I can't figure out which I like better water or coffee(tea is what I drink just to mix it up)...
seriously, I LOVE both.
I live on both... well, technically I live on water...
but if coffee were to disappear of the face of the earth.... *shudder*
I just don't want to think about such awful things.
Point is, I like them both, and consume them accordingly.
Now a problem arose when we moved here to NJ.
The water out of the tap, well, it tastes like butt.
Maybe butt is a little harsh, but it definitely tastes like dirt.
And it might just be me seeing things, but it's looking a little murky lately... I'm just sayin'.
(I'm sure it is technically safe to drink, but yuck .)
Now I drink tap water everywhere.
I drank it in Grenada(unfiltered) and I lived to tell about it.
I drank tap water in Canada growing up, again, unfiltered(that wasn't such a big deal...I'm just trying to prove a point!).
I even had some in Mexico when I wasn't thinking and nothing happened...
and it tasted good.
I don't like paying for water(and Zach REALLY doesn't like paying for water)
but if my water is tasting like butt, I'm going to buy my water.
You can't filter out butt taste, you just can't.
Again I consume A LOT of water... I'm part camel.
I honestly will go with out, to get my water.
(Just ask Zach what I'm like traveling if I don't get adequate water. It's not pretty.)
All I have to say is that if there wasn't a Costco around, we'd be in trouble.
....same could be said for our coffee budget...

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Amy said...

OH Butt water is definitely bad. Very Very Bad.