If I'm the only one who can not stop watching the new show Sister Wives?!?
I've always been so curious as to how these women(Polygamists) deal with
having their husband off with another women(and ok with it!)?
Such a bizarre concept to me. Last night I was, at least a little,
relieved that they came out and said that there was jealousy....
and that one of the daughters said she could never do it,
she'd be the only wife in her family.... It's just so fascinating to me.
How about you?
Have you seen the show?
What do you think?

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Wendy W. said...

Hey Jen. So funny that you bring this up. Tim doesn't like watching the show with me because he has such a hard time with it. I am reading a book right now that is about a girl who escaped a polygamist community "Stolen Innocence". It's really good. Your sewing projects sound so fun! Keep us updated with pictures.