So Excited!!

So these pictures have nothing to do with anything:) They're just cool "creatures" (as Aubrey would say) from Grenada. I just don't like posting something with out a picture and these happened to be loaded onto my blog already. So there you have it;)

I'm off to pick up Zach from the airport in a few minutes and Aubrey and I are so excited! He almost was delayed for a long time, but the airline pulled it together last minute....*phew*.

I'm so ready to have him home.... so is Aubrey..... not sure who more....maybe a tie?!?

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend. I've already been busy sewing away today and will share my creations on Monday!

~*~*~Happy Weekend~*~*~

...I know mine is going to be...



Amy said...

So happy for you! And Aubrey as well. Your pics are very cool is that a catapiller? Very wonderful. Can't wait to see your creations! Yay. You go crafty crafty girlie!

Marcy said...

3 more days left of cleaning! How many spices are left to dust? Saw your family yesterday! Was at an event that you would have attended if you were here:( I often have those days...I say to myself, if Jen were here, we would be spending today together.....sigh.

Sean and Kristin said...

Yay for Zach getting home! Hope you survived okay without him...I hate it when Sean is gone/on call nights etc too. Yuck. Love the Grenada creatures, remember when the caterpillars ate the entire trees!