A Little of Aubrey

My parents just got in late last night and Aubrey is officially in her glory! Gifts and treats are already flowing freely and she couldn't be happier:) I figured today was a good day to do a short post, but (for your viewing pleasure) a bunch of pictures of Aubrey from Grenada that I compiled.

Now I'm off to go eat my Coffee Crisp *drool* and, thanks to Astrid reminding my mom, Old Dutch Dill Pickle chips!!


Amy said...

Awesome! How cute is she! that last one... with the water running. Sweet.
Enjoy your dill pickle chips. lOve them.
Hope your home is spotless! By the way 7 followers! WOO HOOO
you have more then doubled your followers in less then a week.

Marcy said...

Cutest. kid. ever.

Astrid said...

Are you kidding me with those pictures?!? Seriously?! Which one do i comment on first?! The one of the back of her, sat on the porch, or the one where she's giggling like mad, or the bikini shot, or the uber-fantastic last shot?!?! Great shots Jen. But I guess it's easy when the Aub-meist is looking RIDICULOUSLY cute. I. Miss. Her.

Sean and Kristin said...

oh my gosh, she is gorgeous! i love her giggling face and her pig tails! and her bikini!