Random Thoughts {Part Deux}

So I'm going to rock the "random thoughts" style again today. You know when your thoughts go in a million different directions and you can't keep up? Well, I'm there...sooo there today.

*I can't seem to think straight...hmmmm should make for great reading for you;)

*it actually feels like Spring right now! As in, Aubrey didn't have to wear a jacket yesterday while we were out! YAY!!

*I didn't think it could be done, but I'm checking things off my "Oh Man My Mom's Coming and My House is a Mess" list!!

*I wonder why I decide that I need to clean each individual spice bottle...

*I've come to realize that when my mom comes to visit, I lose all sense and start cleaning anything and EVERYTHING

*I'm already tired of cleaning and I still have five more days of crazy Menno cleaning ahead of me

*I have so many pictures that I want to post from Grenada that I could start a blog just for them...you may think I'm joking...

*I've been busy crafting a little homemade goodness for my sister's birthday....

*her birthday is on Sunday...she lives in England....it'll NEVER get to her in time...oops

*my brother Ed turns 40 tomorrow...weird! I have 40 year old brother...

*it's weird to have a 40 year old brother...I'm assuming he's thinking the same thing!

*I've had 2 run ins with The Plunger in the last 12 hours

*why do things go wrong(and the gross ones at that)when the husband is away?!

*Why is my toilet not flushing?! And for no reason at all???

*my landlord actually fixed something in our apartment the other day...

*it was not the leak that has been pestering us for the last year...

*my blog decides how far the spaces should be between my "thoughts" and I can't figure out how to change it!

*I watched Megamind last night and laughed SO HARD! Great movie:)

*I love when Will Ferrel does "clean" movies....Kicking and Screaming gets me every time!

*I hate sleeping alone.

*I'm not as good playing "Foot" and "Throw it in the Red Thing" as Zach...Aubrey looked at me funny and decided that we should play a different game.

*Aubrey and I still miss Zach:(


Amy said...

You are so funny
Sorry I didn't see your text. Mom took the day off and we went to Clinton. I have to bring you there you would love it.
Your pictures are beautiful and plungers are gross.

Wendy W. said...

Is it strange that those didn't seem random to me at all? Here's random...I was about to tell you that I saw Megamind and loved it, when actually I haven't seen it yet. We were going to, then picked Alice in Wonderland....let's blame it on the preggo-brain.