Funky Foliage

So I still have not uploaded a lot of the pictures from my parents visit so I'm going to fall back on my trusty shots from Grenada :)

I've been doing a little sewing while my parents are here, but not much....just not feelin' it right now. Which, to be honest, is so not good because I have to finish my mom's birthday present(apron) by the time she leaves...on Tuesday....oops. What is it about sewing?! I LOVE to sew, but have to really be in the mood to make any proper progress?? Could it just be my procrastinator genes coming through.....yup, I feel like blaming it on them. I'm almost done the apron too....should just get it done and over with! Put it(and me) out of it's misery! I guess I really haven't had that much time to sew....we've been busy sight seeing and going to the DMV. Yup, you read right, the DMV. Good times.... There is nothing like getting the run-around at a government office(read= over-crowded, dirty, hot...) and waiting in line for 4 hours to be told, you will NOT be getting said license today and Oh, you have to take the written test that you are not prepared for...and fail it! *Insert weeping and gnashing of teeth* Talk about a kick to the stomach. And now I get to go back next week and try again...fun.

Hmmm, guess I needed to get that off my chest! Well, at least you have these pretty leaves, etc. to look at while I moan and complain...right?!?

Ya, I thought so..... You're welcome;)


Amy said...

Your blog looks amazing...... Nice!
Sorry about DMV.... That totally blows....
Your foliage is lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Marcy said...

I think the second last pic looks interesting. Is that the ever so famous acai berry? Kinda looks like it!
DMV eh? Good luck with that! Just remember: 10 & 2!