On Sunday our little family headed over to Liberty State Park. It's only about a half hour away and we hadn't been there yet....that seems to be the case with with a lot of places around here, SO many places still to visit before we move in June:(

The park is right on the East River and it has a great view of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and lower Manhattan! I have a bunch of pictures from those that I'll show another time, but to be honest, I was more excited for the signs of Spring there! I love Spring, and I think I might even love it even more than Autumn and those of you who know me, that's saying A LOT!

There is just something about seeing all these bursts of color after a long winter that just gets me grinning! As time passes, I realize I'm becoming more and more like my mom. She LOVES flowers...is passionate about them and I can see myself heading in that direction...maybe not to the point of obsession like her and not to the point where I would be spending all my days in the garden, but looking at them?! I'm in! And taking pictures of them?! So fun! I am totally not a "take portraits" type of gal. Too many variables with people, I love taking pictures of objects and finding the beauty in them:) Not that it's hard to find the beauty in this puppies! ~~~Happy Spring~~~


Amy said...

Wow! That last photograph is absolutely breathtaking! I adore it.

Sean and Kristin said...

As usual, I love your pics Jen! I am so looking forward to spring and love the first flowers coming up. Your pictures give me hope, we still have snow here!

Astrid said...

I heart Spring too, and NJ!! Why is it that Mother has to see it before me?!?! That's just not right. Right, I'm coming over. See you in a bit.

Astrid said...

And on a side note--- When Asher saw these pictures, he said ' Look at those beautiful purple crocuses ( however you spell that) Mum!' I think we're all slowly morphing into Mother. Eeek!