Levi (sixth oldest). Anyone see Russell Peters..."Come, cooome, coooommme?"

Ethan (third oldest) on the computer, he is far to good on it for a five year old (puts me to shame!).

Noah (second oldest) in his hockey gear, which he loves to wear even if he isn't playing hockey.

Silas (the youngest, for now...). No, that is not his middle finger:)

Liam (fourth oldest) in a Superman cape. Making everyone laugh as usual!

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Kim said...

Oh my goodness...I think the only pictures I've seen of Jacob are when he was a newborn, but now...that boy looks so much like his Daddy! Wow.

Your nephews and nieces are all TRULY adorable...and I don't have to even lie about it, they are such attractive children!! Boast away my dear Jenny!