And because I couldn't fit them all on one post...

A view of St.George's from the plane as we flew out.

Zach and I in New York City in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree (Notice how happy I look? It has a lot to do with the big shopping bag from H&M and our first trip to Starbucks in months!!).

Typical Christmas Gong Show at the Kliewer's!!

The Klaassen family on Christmas Eve.

My cat Berndt and I spooning in front of the fire, our favorite place to hang out!


Karla said...

Hi Jen!

I found your blog! Took me a while, but I did. It was great to have you home, even though we didn't see much of each other, June....We'll hang out more in June....
Fabulous pictures you took, doesn't marcy look a little sick....Maybe she should start tanning now, June isn't that far away!

Karla said...

I meant white sick...Not sick as if not gorgeous :)

I figured you could figure it out!