Will you be my Valentine?

Zach and I celebrated our second Valentine's Day in Grenada yesterday. I didn't get the usual dozen roses that I got most other years (along with yummy chocolate), but instead I got some gifts straight from New York City!! How much better could it get?! Zach got me this really cute mug from Starbucks and a necklace from H&M, which he picked out by himself (can you tell I'm proud?!). The reason that I didn't get flowers hinges mainly on a story that I must share which happened last year right around this time. A poor, innocent, unsuspecting Zach walked into a flower shop just down the road from us (which by-the-way is the only florist on the island) and asked how much the roses were. The lady behind the counter said, "30EC (it's about $13 Canadian)" and Zach said, "Oh, for six?" to which the lady replied, "No, just for one.". Zach looked at her, picked his jaw off the ground, and said, "Well, how much for the six then?", thinking, well six should be a bit of a deal. The lady told him that the six would be $180 EC, she obviously was lacking some business skills. Zach nearly lost it, he is Menno after all. He just mumbled a, "No thanks" and walked out. He came home and, after explaining why he had no flowers for me, felt like a bit of a cheap-skate. He then told me that I could use the money for shopping purposes when we got home, which I was completely in favour of! So this year he decided think ahead a bit and take matters into his own hands. This year I was the one to not buy a gift (or think ahead and get one from home), so I guess we're even:)

Me displaying the gifts I got from Zach.

There was a heart in my coffee, I thought it was pretty cool. You know, it being Valentine's Day and all...
And no, Zach didn't put it there. He's good, but not that good.

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