And the list keeps growing...

Well, I figured that it was high-time for me to do a post on my nieces and nephews. They are all so cute and I miss them so much being here in Grenada. I included pictures of them all and added where they all fit in the whole scheme of the Kliewer family (that's right, this is just my side, Zach's hasen't started yet). The funny thing is that there are three more on the way for 2007! Like I said, the list keeps growing and there is no end in sight. I wish I could tell all about each of them, but that would just take way too long!

Taylor (the oldest). Here with her latest love, Tinkerbell.

Jordis (seventh oldest) Dressed in pink and playing with tractors, that about sums her up.

Jacob (fifth oldest) Got this bike for Christmas and won't take off the gear!

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Kim said...

that Jacob looks like mischief just like Jo! Look out world :o)