Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

He's here.... 

That's right, HE! Whoda thunk... not me...or Zach.
Girl. That's all we thought.
It was once he was born and we found out he was, in fact, ALL boy, that I realized how much I thought it was a girl.
Totally thought girl. 
Weird how we convince ourselves of one way or another.
I guess I should share the name... 
That would be nice, huh?! 
Caleb Nicholas Zachariah
and he's a moose...
8lbs 15oz
and yes, that's pretty much 9 pounds.
Took me until the next day to put 2 and 2 together on that one. I blame the labor.
And speaking of labor... that could be a whole other post on it's own and, no, I won't go into the gruesome details. 
BUT his birth was a bit touch and go near the end and the words "extremely low hear rate" and "Emergency C-Section" were hollered out into the intercom and let me tell you, if that doesn't make you want to push that sucker out, like, RIGHT NOW?!? I don't know what will. 
Point is, Caleb is healthy and fabulous and he smells Amaze-balls! 
Bahahaha balls... boy. 
Sorry, I have a Urologist for a husband and I never really was one to be classy to begin with.

And this beautiful girl is beside herself excited to have a baby brother. 
Zero jealousy and ALL love from her!
And Zach... Oh Zach, he's absolutely BURSTING with pride for his (not-so) little boy!
In all the hub-bub of you know, giving birth'n'all, the doctors and nurses... and med students... and residents.... (yes I gave birth at a university hospital and I had quite the small village watching me do it, AWESOME) people were just excited he was out and all I hear is Zach holler out above Caleb's fabulous cry and ALL that noise (there was A LOT of it) 
"IT'S A BOYYYY!!!" and everyone burst out laughing!
Best part?! Zach has absolutely NO recollection of saying it!
Love. Him.

We are all SO thankful for this healthy baby boy that God has blessed us with and we're all doing good! 
I'll post some pictures that I took once they're out of my camera-SD-card-purgatory... feeling a bit lazy and perfectly content with my mom doing everything for me right now! 


Sean and Kristin said...

Congrats again, SOOOOOO Happy for you and thankful that everything went okay and you are all healthy and happy. Did you end up with the c-section?? That sounds terrifying (and a bit familiar!). Can't wait to see more pics, the ones you posted are gorgeous!!!!!! Thinking of you!!!!

Jenna said...

He is so sweet! :-)

Amy said...

Jen, you had a nine pound baby.... Must have been all the big macs at the beginning.... Haha. Love love love you guys, so very happy that God blessed you with a son. ... I forsure thought he would be a she too....
Be lazy and let your mom spoil you while she is here. Cant wait to see more pics.... Ahhhh cant wait to take pics.

So glad and happy that aubrey is adoring him. But then why wouldnt she, you guys love and adore her. You to make some pretty amazing babies.
Love the. Story of zach shouting out...and he fact that the enitre world saw you birth caleb.....

Marcy said...

"IT'S A BOY!!!" Oh that's classic Zach! Wouldn't have expected anything different! Awesome!

Amanda said...

Congrats again!! He is gorgeous!! Enjoy the help (your mama) while they are there :)

Astrid said...

My heart is bursting and aching, all at once. SO pumped that you have a boy and that you get to experience the love of a boy....something pretty special between a Mother and her sons;) And my heart aches when I see pictures of the little man, and that fact that i can't kiss and cuddle and SMELL him! And look at Aub-meist in that picture!! You're killing me over here! Love them. Miss them. Love you.

Paul said...

So happy for you, Jen'!!! Congratulations once again to you both....he's is a beautiful boy & he will be bringing you all much joy!!