Finally Finished {Faux Chenille Baby Blanket}

So the baby has not arrived yet, obviously or else I'd be shouting it from the rooftops!
I guess my womb is just way too cozy... dang my cozy womb. 

Instead I will show you what else I labored over lately (man I'm funny).

The faux chenille baby blanket that I made based on the Made tutorial turned out SO CUTE!
Even if I mangled my hands with all that cutting between the seems. 
My hand looks like Chandler's Pacman claw from Friends.

One thing that I could do without is binding. 
I. hate. binding.
Or maybe binding hates me....
Not sure, but either way, I always have the toughest time with it.

I love the colors that I chose for the blanket, the top ended up being what I thought would be the bottom.... that was confusing. 
What I meant was, I had a brown and white polka dotted flannel for the side of the blanket that would "show" and I decided at the last minute that I wanted the green on the other side to be the one that was prominent.
Don't really think that made anymore sense than before... let's pretend it did, 'kay?

So in the end, once I had painstakingly cut all the chenille-like-whatever, the polka dotted side ended up looking kinda funky.
But to me it's a good funky, psychedelic if you will :)

And of course Aubrey got herself all up in this photo shoot. 
Funny because this kid is NOT pleased when I pull out the camera these days... guess I over did it there for a while. Oops.

So soft she had to fake-sleep on it.

The lovely green :) 
And Aubrey's too-cute feet....

This seriously was one of the most time consuming projects I've ever done. And soooo NOT an instant gratification one either, which is usually how I roll. 
So worth it in the end...
Even if it looks wonky because I wasn't fully paying attention when I tried to trim the edges and make it a rectangle.... more like a trapezoid (hence no full blanket shot!).


Astrid said...

Jen, you lost me at binding.
That blanket is beautiful. I'm not sure what I'd rather snuggle up to though....I'm thinking the Aub-Meist! I love it when they fake-sleep...I eat it up! Give her a little smooch for me!

Amy said...

Good golly..... Amazing! Love it. And I. HATE. Binding.
We should have a support group.... Maybe we are doing it wrong.

Looks fabulous. And lets just talk about aubrey for a moment.... What a lovely little lady she is becoming these days.... She is starting to look so grown up..... And that amy butler skirt.. Mmmmm mmm love me some amy butler... Why did you never show us that skirt here on this blog... And my cozy womb... Wins for best blog line ever of all time! That would be a good blog name...haha. Okay maybe not....

Love you jen. Praying for you and baby.... And the rest of your fam as well.

Kerrie said...

wow great job!

Sean and Kristin said...

Wow that is a gorgeous blanket! And a gorgeous Aubrey!!!! HAHA love the pacman claw!!!