Random Pictures... And Thoughts

Why do I do this to myself?!? Why do I look at pictures of myself not pregnant when I am almost 39 weeks?? It's just mean to do! But aren't we cute?! I think so... and so happy to be at the New Hampshire coast... fabulous :)
I. Love. The. Atlantic. Ocean. 
There, I said it. 

Aubrey got a cough/runny nose the beginning of this week and this was my mantra when I was around her...

This was actually Zach's Valentine's gift. I'm so romantic right?! 
He loved it and that's what matters.
It's a quote from Barney on How I Met Your Mother. 
When I heard it I KNEW it was perfect for Zach to put in his office. It's him in a nutshell... being a resident does not let you take "sick days" well, ever. Seriously, I'm sure some of your doctors you go and see are more sick than you are.
You want me to be joking, but sadly, I'm not.

The ever fabulous Amy whipped up the quote on her Photoshop for me (not to mention all the new blog headers I've been sporting these past few months...pays to have a friend who is experimenting with such things!). I used this canvas I had spray painted previously, stuck on some burlap, threw on some mini clothespins and I had me a funky picture frame, voila! 

And this... this is a much hated sight for someone who sews! An almost empty thread spool when you're in the middle of a project.
Insert weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I was on a roll with my baby blanket, the faux chenille one I found a tutorial for, and I ran. out. of. thread. 
So the blanket was set aside (with an angry huff) because I knew it would be days before I'd have the car to get more thread. 
I actually got out last night and got more thread AND went to the mall and got a shirt for my dinner out tonight. 

So I can start work on this blanket today again AND go to the dinner tonight not sporting a toga ;)

In the mean time I actually started working on my quilt (yes, the quilt I got fabric for waaaaay back when we first moved to Georgia in June--shame on me)! I got the whole top of the quilt sewn together and bought the muslin for the backing last night too, so I might actually get both the quilt and blanket done before this baby comes.... dreams are cheap ;)

And look at little Aubrey! Pretending to make a mini quilt with my left over charm pack I decided to not use on my quilt. She was chattering away about how she was going to piece it together...too cute!

 Like I said earlier, my Big Night Out (dinner with Zach's work....and yes, that's a big night out because I get to talk with adults, not listen to constant 3 year old chatter) is tonight and I actually have something to wear :) So I'll try and remember to take a belly picture when I'm dressed up too, but my memory is a little wonky so forgive me if I forget.
Now I must go and take this 39 week body and try and paint my toenails.... assuming I can find my feet.... and actually reach them....
Wish me luck!


Astrid said...

Look at you getting your craft on at 39 weeks! I was too busy nesting and re-nesting to think about anything else! How much better is a beautiful quilt and blanket though!?! And look at Aub-Meist helping you--- precious.
That gift for Zach is just too perfect! You and Amy should combine forces and start as company-- fantastisch!,

Amy said...

Yeah jen, what Astrid said, we need to join forces and start a company. FANTASTISCH, fab name. Loving your quilt. So glad you got it going. And that chennile blanket is sweet. Can't wait to see it after you have washed it... Thats when the magic happens....
Aubrey is adorable. Love that she is peicing together a quilt. Its never to early to learn the art of sewing.
The quote looks amazing with the frameyou made. Loving the burlap, painted canvas and little clothespins.... Love!
Very crafty my crafty friend.
I have said it before and i will say it again.... You ROCK!