Random Thoughts....

*Aubrey calls Caleb "my baby"! Love. It.
*Post-partum body's are awesome.
*that was sarcastic.
*Why is it that the minute you have the baby, all forgiveness for your body goes out the window and you want all the weight off NOW ?!
*Caleb is a breeze of a baby... only thing is this kid is gassy... like really gassy.
*I have never witnessed a child with more violent hiccups than Caleb. They're make-him-throw-up violent.
*I've rediscovered the joys of gripe water for babies!
*Seriously, this stuff is amazing--be gone hiccups!!
*I'm currently feeling worse than I did the day after I gave birth.
*Zach's on vacation and I'm SO NOT READY for him to go back.
*Oh Monday, how I loath you.
*I'm missing my parents.
*they were such a help around the house and with Aubrey, it was so hard to see them go.
*Did I mention I hate Monday?
*I do... hate Monday April 2nd, that is.
*I've taken WAY less pictures with Caleb than I wanted to. Whoops. I need to get my photog on.
*I'm currently editing some pictures of him so hopefully I'll get those up tonight... wish me luck!


Marlene said...

I think you look fabulous. I personally was amazed at how good you looked after just having a baby.
I feel for your Monday - just make the most of every minute otherwise you're missing the good part thinking about when it will end.
I'm missing your mom's sausage rolls, got to get my zwiebach on.
did i tell you how much fun i had blowing bubbles with aubrey, that's one seriously cute kid you guys have.

Astrid said...

So it's Monday.......I'm thinking that because you lost your husband to work on saturday and sunday already, that you hate those days too!! How are you managing?!? When does Grammy get there?!I'm sure she'll be lovin' doing all them jobs for you. Just let her look after the kids, and you can go and hang out with them men on the chairs and drink terere with them. You are Te-re-Jen after all!! x

Marcy said...

It's Monday April 2nd. How are you coping? Wish we were hanging out right now! Miss you!