A new love...

Well, I have a new addiction...Facebook. I told myself that I would not fall for it's clever ploys and get caught up in all the hub-bub, but I guess I'm just weak. What is it about this "find random friends that you haven't seen/spoken to in ten years and 're-connect'" thing that gets us all excited and happy? I know people (I won't name names for their sake so they can save face) who are in a competition to get the most "friends". This desperation has led them to add the most random people, people who were never and will never be their actual friends. I just don't get it, but that doesn't mean that I'm not into it. I guess that I'm just another lemming and always will be.

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Kim said...

Although your post is from the 15th, I am commenting on the 16th...YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY JENNY!!!!! I hope you had a great and wonderful day!! Looking forward to seeing you in June-ish! :o) Love & prayers!