Staying put

Zach just came back from a meeting at school and it was regarding next semester and St.Vincent in general. He came bounding in the door and informed me that we would not be having to go to St.Vincent!!! Yay, prayers answered. We also recieved a call from our landlord (who is currently in England) this morning (at 7am, who calls at 7am anyway?!) and he let us know that we would be able to keep the apartment here. Another answer to prayer! Needless to say, Zach and I are very excited right now and we are frantically trying to book flights to Grenada before they all fill up. We could not be more exctied to be staying here. It's funny though, about a month ago we would have dreaded the prospects of staying and now we are so pumped. Strange how one will change his mind when the other option is potentially life threatening. Well, never thought I'd be saying this, but...Woo-hoo! We are staying in Grenada!

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Anonymous said...

Good morning to you both - just read about you getting to stay, and what wonderful news!! Zac, your dad told us just the other day about your blog, so have started reading it. Thanks for the pics - as we still are looking at snowbanks, although they have really gone down in the last few days. Great to hear about your time with your mom.
Love, Auntie Val