This and that...

Well, there is nothing really new here. Our life here is way too simple to have exciting things happen to us every day. But I did feel that it was time to post something, actually...way past time, so I figured that you can never go wrong with pictures! So here are some random pictures that I've either recieved in the last little bit or taken here.

Our cat Berndt, that's right Berndt. She (yes, a "she" named Berndt...don't ask) snuck onto Zach's parents bed, where she is not supposed to be, and was having a little nap! Zach's parents are taking care of her while we are here.

Arv and Sophia's little girl, Jordis (my niece). I just got this picture from them and thought that it was one of the cutest of her that I've ever seen!

A starfish that we found on the beach.

Some girls and I when we went out for a coffee for my birthday. Kristin, Lisa and me.

Jo and Astrid's son, Jacob, at McDonalds. First of all, it makes me crave it like crazy and I think that this is quite possibly one of my favorite pictures ever. He is just givin' er on that hamburger!

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