Because we just didn't have enough uncertainty in our lives

As most of you know, we were supposed to go to St. Vincent (another Caribbean island) for Zach's last semester here, August through December. Well, there have been a chain of events that have lead us to believe this is not supposed to, or will not, happen. About a week ago at a leisurely breakfast, Zach brought up the fact that he felt nervous about me coming to St. Vincent with him in the fall. He and I had heard a few stories about the safety there, and a recent string of break-ins left him a little scared. Well, in the last week it has escalated and there were more break-ins, with one of the most recent involving a student at home. The locals used to target the students that were in class or at the hospital (mainly just targeting students period), but now they have been getting braver and are even breaking in when there is a security guard and people home. Now the latest is that there has been a sexual assult on a female student and the University has offered to fly, at their expense, whoever wants to leave St. Vincent and do the remainder of their last semester in Grenada. Since this announcement, the crime has been getting worse, I'm assuming in a last ditch effort for the St. Vincent-tians(?) to get as much as they can before the cash-cow leaves their island. We were told (by we I mean Zach's class) that we were going to have to option of going to St. Vincent or staying here...hhmmmmmmmm, that's a tough one. The only problem, well not only, is that we gave up our apartment and need to find some place to live, and most places are taken. We've been looking into some hotels here who have heard about this and are offering cheaper rates for the off season when they would be dead anyway. If you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers while we try and figure this all out, we hope it will all fall into place. The last thing that Zach and I want is to spend four months apart.

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Kim said...

I'm so glad you guys aren't going to St. Vincents. Living with fear and paranoia doesn't sound like a party to me! :o) We'll be praying you find a place for fall!