Ladies and Gentlemen...We have reached a new level...

Wow, it has been a while since I last wrote. Funny how not much can happen in your life, but you still are too busy to do simple little things like update a blog. Or maybe it is because not much is going on in my life that I haven't written, I'm going to go with that one, better than just sounding plain old lazy.
Well, Zach is now in ultimate over drive. I always wonder how he could possibly get any busier, and then he does. He has just been given a paper to write by Monday (which will be published) and that means researching it and writing it in that time. This is on top of all his other studying, not to mention the fact that he has convinced himself that he has been afflicted with Meningitis...don't ask. Apparently this is something that happens to people who are on the road to becoming doctors, they read about a disease/virus/ailment and think that they have contracted it. The ultimate in hypochondriacism. He has coined a new term for this, MSH, which stands for Medical Student Hypochondriacism. He has also started to diagnose others (he's sharing the love) and apparently I have a mild case of passive-aggressive disorder (don't know how to take that, but to tell you the truth...I think he is right). He might as well be a doctor already for all the diagnosing he is doing. It doesn't help that every time he talks to one of his friends back home they tell him their problems (real or not) and ask him, calling him doctor of course, to tell them what is wrong with them. He usually tells them something made up to satisfy them and get a laugh.
So this crazy weekend is progressing at break-neck speed and Zach has, of course, deemed certain things unnecessary, namely sleep. He got to bed, I repeat GOT to bed, at 7 this morning, proceeded to have one and a half hours of sleep and woke up to continue writing. This is what I have to deal with, crazy med student and all his baggage. And you all think that it is fun and games in Grenada, well I'm here to tell you that it is not!

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