The Big City...

The other day I told my sister-in-law, Linda, that I had updated the blog and she promptly asked if there were any pictures on it and, well, there weren't. But I can take a hint, so here you go Lin. These are just some random Grenada pictures from downtown St.George's. Hope you enjoy...

The fruit/vegetable/spice market.

Local spices.

The newest nightclub in Grenada...just kidding, they really do sell meat out of here though(can't say I've ever had the urge to buy).

Fish market, you should see the amount of flies in this place. And the smell, I'll tell you one thing, I ain't buying anyhting from here.

This is one of the main roads downtown. To the very right you can see a boarded up building, this is the KFC and it is getting a facelift. The Grenadians love their KFC, can't quite figure out if it is the KFC itself or just the fact that it is the only fast food joint on the island...?


Ed & Linda said...

Thanks for the pictures Jen!! It's nice to see where you go. The spice market looks really cool, and the fruit and veg market don't look too bad either. I guess you'll just have to be a vegetarian for a little while, I think I would be too. Ed would like to see some pictures of the cockroaches (preferably close-ups, maybe Zach can disect a bit of it too) Just kidding, oh, Ed says he's not just kidding. Get at him Zack!

Ed & Linda said...

Sorry, I meant Zach!

Michelle Bianca said...

Hey Jen, just reading your blog... I had the creeps reading about all of those cockroaches. Reminds me of when I was in Africa and I would come into my room and find them climbing on the bed AND on my roommate who was taking a quick nap. Not to gross you out anymore though, sorry!
So, Zach is crazy busy... not surprising, but it makes me wondering what I am signing myself up for!
Oh, you were mentioned how you have 3 more nieces or nephews on the way... well I have one on the way too! Yeppers, gonna have a little American baby as Mathias and Patty-Leigh are expecting! Yah!
Keep on blogging, nice to hear about your experiences! Michelle.