You Know You're In Grenada When

Well...I just finished studying for my Pathology exam tomorrow and I figured this was a good time to make my blog debut before I get into Microbiology studying. Since the blog is The Adventures of Zach and Jen, I figured Zach should make a post. Yes, this is Zach, not Jen... and I just referred to myself in third person. While we've been in Grenada we've noticed a few things are different in comparison to home...you've all seen those emails titled "You know you're from Saskatchewan when..." or "You know you're a Menno when..." Let me introduce the "Top 10 You Know You're in Grenada When...":

10. It's "cooling off a bit" when the temperature hits 35C

9. The price of a shot of rum at home is the same as the whole bottle

8. The food court at the local mall is a top 3 choice for places to eat on date night.

7. You are routinely chased by the police station's pet goat on your daily run...

6. One day you decide to fight back, you turn around and chase the same goat...screaming

5. You go into the grocery store on March 25th and realize an expiry date of March 17th is "not bad"

4. The teller at that same grocery store looks like she has "bitter beer face" when you put your groceries on the conveyer belt

3. You don't need a lawnmower when the neighborhood cow is hungry

2. The punishment for wearing camouflage is the same as being in possession of porn

1. A police officer in his cruiser is knockin' back a cold Carib beer

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saralie said...

You are so right about Grenada temperature. I keep Grenada and Edmonton on my quick picks on accumweather.com and I swear Grenada is always, day or night, 81 degrees. At first I thought they just weren't resetting properly but no, Edmonton is fluctuating madly, of course downward! but not Grenada. Yawn.
Horrified to read Jen's cockroach story. Those creatures have always been my worst nightmare since our Texas childhood. When I had to dissect a large South American variety (about 3 inches) live!! in my Entomogy class at SFU, I nearly had a nervous breakdown and couldn't eat for two days. Aiyeee.....the thought of those babies running around!! Too hideous for words.